2K warns people to reset passwords because of an “unauthorized third-party” accessing the help desk platform

2K Games is warning customers to change their passwords following an “unauthorized third entity” has gained access to the company’s customer service platform.

Based on 2K, the information of customers was made accessible to unauthorized individuals (s) who were able to send emails with an unauthorized link.

The company cautions customers if they receive support email not to click any link that directs users to change their passwords.

If the user has clicked the link, the company suggests people reset any passwords saved in their browsers, make sure that multi-factor authentication is enabled, and avoid using one that relies on text messages; go for an application.

It was also recommended that customers use or install a reliable virus-scanning software and look over account settings to determine whether any forwarding rules were added or modified for individual email accounts.

Meanwhile, 2K is taking its help website off while it addresses the issue. The company will notify users that users will be able to reconnect via the official help email of 2K.

The second security breach the parent of 2K’s company Take-Two is facing this week. A few weeks ago, there was a massive leak of data on GTA 6 was leaked online because of a hacker who is currently being under investigation by the FBI.

The hacker uploaded 90 videos of a test version of the game leading to a plethora of screenshots as well as clips of the videos becoming all over the internet.

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