7 Best New Movies on Netflix in October 2022

New Movies on Netflix: Are you looking for something different to stream on Netflix? We’ve got you covered. October is bringing an array of highly-anticipated new films streaming on Netflix and all of the bone-chilling variety to varying levels. However, if you’re not to something scary, plenty of other great films are available on Netflix in October. If you’re looking for a classic historical or a classic rom.com as well as a crime thriller, there’s to please anyone.

Find our top list of entirely 7 Best New Movies on Netflix in October.

Smith, Mr and Mrs Smith

New Movies on Netflix: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are married assassins who are unaware of one another – in “Mr and Mrs Smith.” The 2005 action comedy has an interesting premise as Pitt and Jolie portray a married couple who don’t know that they both work as contract killers during the day. However, when they’re both tasked to kill each other as they navigate the obligations of their jobs and this brand-new aspect of their relationships. In “The Bourne Identity” and “Edge of Tomorrow”, director Doug Liman directs intending to mix action with comedy. The chemistry that exists between Pitt Jolie and Pitt Jolie is apparent (obviously).

Runaway Bride

New Movies on Netflix: If you’re in the market for a classic romance – especially when you consider Julia Roberts’ return to the genre in the form of “Ticket to Paradise” the film “Runaway Bride” is an enjoyable watch. Roberts is a character obsessed with running away on a wedding day and is being interviewed by the writer, who Richard Gere plays. Wouldn’t you believe it? They begin to love each other. Are they able to get married this time, or will she flee? If you have that answer, Roberts’s charm makes this comedy from 1998 delightful to watch.


New Movies on Netflix: If you’re looking to watch something thrilling, Ridley Scott’s Best Picture winner “Gladiator” is more than able to hold even after two decades. It’s massive in scope but intimate in terms of stakes; Russell Crowe stars as a Roman General who is sacked by the Emperor and murdered by his child (Joaquin Phoenix). His victim’s family is killed, and he is exiled to be a Gladiator fighting for the sport. He fights back to Rome and takes on the challenge of the person who caused the devastation in his life. A lot of entertainment – and some stunning acting – follows. Hans Zimmer’s score is also a king.

The Ocean’s Trilogy

New Movies on Netflix: Are there any more slack fun, free-wheeling, and enjoyable trilogie of films than “Ocean’s Eleven?” Steven Soderbergh’s first movie is an incredibly star-powered hilarious heist that’s thrilling to watch. What makes this trilogy distinct is how different each film follows.

“Ocean’s Twelve” changes locations to Europe with an additional European approach to filmmaking and an evocative narrative of the tension of following up on the film that was first released. Then “Ocean’s Thirteen” is the “This time it’s personal” part of the collection, which takes us into Vegas and features Al Pacino giving a go-for-broke performance as the antagonist. These films are great “feel-good” choices.

The School for Good and Evil

New Movies on Netflix: “Bridesmaids,” “Spy” and “Ghostbusters” director Paul Feig tries his hand at fantasy with his brand new Netflix exclusive “The School for Good and Evil” streaming starting Oct. 19. Based on the novel named the same from Soman Chainani. This tale is about two teenagers sent off to a school that is both goodness and vice versa. The straight-laced one is taken into the School for Evil, and the more rebellious one is transferred into the School for Good. The two are thrown into an unexpected ride. Charlize Theron, as well as Kerry Washington, lead the ensemble of actors.

The Good Nurse

New Movies on Netflix: True crimes are all the rage, and Netflix provides a more thrilling take on the genre in “The Good Nurse”, which will premiere on Oct. 26. Eddie Redmayne stars as a nurse who is secretly killing patients, and Jessica Chastain plays the colleague trying to find him for the murders. Tobias Lindholm (“Another Round,” “The Hunt”) directs the film based on the screenplay written by Krysty Wilson-Cairns (“1917,” “Last Night in Soho”).

Wendell & Wild

Henry Selick lives! The stop-motion director behind the perennially acclaimed “The Nightmare Before Christmas” hasn’t directed an original film since 2009’s Oscar-nominated “Coraline.” But now he’s returning with a brand new film, “Wendell & Wild,” written, directed, and produced by featuring Jordan Peele and streaming starting in October. 28.

In the film, Jordan Peele and his long-time collaborator Keegan Michael-Key portray the role of two demons that make their way into the world through their romance with a little woman (Lyric Ross). It’s a different, more thoughtful and thought-provoking rendition from “Beetlejuice,” “Wendell & Wild” is created by Selick’s signature hand-crafted creepiness (he states that his films “scare not scare”) and is bound to be a new classic Halloween film. A stunning 24-frames-per-second marvel. — Drew Taylor

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