A Look: A Christmas Karen Trailer teaches today’s scrooges about the holiday spirit

A Christmas Karen is a modern version of the holiday tale A Christmas Carol.

FilmRise will shine A Christmas Carol – A new light on With A Christmas KarenAn all-new holiday movie,” will be available on VOD starting Nov. 18. The film stars Michele Simms (“Oversharing Mum” in Carvana TV ads). It introduces Karen, a woman whose life is transformed when she meets three-holiday spirits. Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of the movie.

A Christmas Karen Jon Binkowski, the co-founder of Renaissance Entertainment, is the co-director. Characters Lisa Enos Smith ( Charley (). The two are well-known theme park attraction creators for Universal, Disney, and other prominent clients. Binkowski also produces the film, while Smith is the executive producer. Simms is also in the movie. The film stars Meghan Colleen as Jackie, Ashley Jones and Robin, Rolin Alexis playing Gary – The ghost Of the Past, Joy as – Ghost Of the Present, and Lee Karlinsky playing Damon as – Ghost of the Future.

The official synopsis of Christmas Karen reads:

A Christmas Karen centers on an entitled, egocentric middle-aged woman named Karen (played by Simms), whose demanding and inconsiderate nature has alienated her from her neighbors and family alike. After a series of instances displaying her privilege, prejudice and bad attitude on Christmas Eve, Karen receives an “intervention” by three unconventional spirits who take her on a much-needed journey of self-awareness and self-reflection. Using humor to shine a spotlight on the lack of consideration and civility in today’s society, A Christmas Karen is ultimately a story about the power of redemption.

A Christmas Karen Reimagines A Christmas Carol

This adaptation is just one of many that will be made from the original story, A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens. The movie is not the only one coming soon. Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and another movie are also based on the story SpiritedA Christmas Karen is a movie that features three ghosts visiting a middle-aged white woman. This person is often called a “Karen.”

We look forward to sharing this clever, funny twist on Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol with streaming audiences worldwide. When FilmRise acquired the rights to the film, Max Einhorn, SVP of Acquisitions & Co-Productions, stated that this movie is the kind of lighthearted, fun, and funny entertainment they are looking for.

A Christmas Karen will be available on VOD starting Nov. 18, 2022. Visit its official site to learn more about the film.

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