A Look ‘Perry Mason’ Season 2 Sets February Release at HBO

Detective Mason will return to the case in the coming year.

The hit HBO historic crime show Perry Mason is scheduled to air to the show in February, according to an announcement made on Twitter. The main character, Emmy award-winning Matthew Rhys plays, will return to action on the show for the first time since August of 2020, the season that concluded the Dodson investigation. Expectations are very high for the series’ return following a highly acclaimed debut season that earned the show four Emmy nominations.

A sort of origin story for Mason The series takes place in the early 1930s, as they are battling the Great Depression rips through most of the U.S. Mason battles trauma from his experience during The Great War, as well as his divorce while navigating the legal system in Los Angeles, one of the few places that is thriving in the depression.

After the highly-publicized Dodson case involving a child’s kidnapping, Season 2 jumps to 1933, with Mason “in the soup again,” as per the co-star of Rhys, Shea Whigham. The ghosts of World War I still haunt him. from World War I, Mason moves into civil trials because of the reliable Della Street ( Juliet Rylance) to stay clear of the chaos for a short period.

Season 2 will see specific changes, with producers Ron Fitzgerald and Rolin Jones leaving in favor of Michael Begler and Jack Amiel of The Knick fame. The biggest shock, however, was the removal of Tatiana Maslany, who was likely to leave due to her previous engagements with the She-Hulk character.

She was the role of Sister Alice, an enigmatic faith healer who has a broad reach due to her sermons which are both gospel-based and a show. Maslany has previously spoken to Collider about her thoughts on how Sister Alice’s story was getting started within the series and adding to the enigma of the reason for her demise.

Perry Mason has also added several fresh talents to fill the gap created in the wake of Maslany. Hope Davis, Jon Chaffin, Fabrizio Guido, Peter Mendoza, Onohoua Rodriguez, and Jee Young Han are all regular cast members, while Katherine Waterston joins as a new normal in the series. 

Diarra Kilpatrick, Clara Drake’s character, has also been promoted to standard in the series. She’s one of the many returning stars like Rhys, Whigham, and Rylance, along with Chris Chalk, Eric Lange, Justin Kirk, Stephen Root, Gayle Rankin, Nate Corddry, Veronica Falcon, Jefferson Mays, Lili Taylor, Andrew Howard, Robert Patrick.

Fitzgerald and Jones created the show inspired by the iconic character created by Erle The Stanley Gardner. This is the second time that Gardner’s detective stories have been the source material for a show, with the year 1957’s Perry Mason becoming a hit for being among the first one-hour TV show.

The adaptation by HBO has benefited only from its talented cast and creators and the efforts directed by Tim Van Patten. He has mainly been responsible for capturing the style of the 1930s in Los Angeles.

Check out Perry Mason back on the case in season 2 in February. Find this latest Twitter post by HBO as well as the official trailer of Season 1 below:

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