A look: Run Sweetheart Run Trailer Breakdown: Blind Dates Can Be Killer

Blumhouse’s latest survival story, Run Sweetheart Run, is available on Prime Video in October. The trailer’s latest trailer is available here.

Run Sweetheart Run Trailer Breakdown: Everyone has been on a wrong date once in their lives. Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid. It’s easy to let a romantic evening go south. Maybe the personalities didn’t get along, a petty dispute stifled a pleasant conversation, or someone didn’t want to split their bill. One decided to hunt down the other for sport. It’s not the last one. But it’s the set for the horror-thriller Run Sweetheart Run. Starring Ella Balinska Pilou Asbaek, and it’s Shana Feste’s latest film. Her filmography is composed mainly of drama films. This is her first horror film.

The movie was initially scheduled to be out in 2020. However, it was one of many films that were affected by the sudden onset and spread of the global pandemic. According to Deadline, the rights to the film distribution were quickly acquired by Amazon. They decided to release it on their Prime Video service on October 28th. The film’s release would also be perfect for Halloween.

Here’s the latest trailer for the film.

A marked woman

We see a group of women looking at the camera. Our leading lady Cherie (Ella Balinska) is fawning over the phone. Clark Gregg, her boss, asserts that the client they are looking at is indeed a handsome one. Cherie can now answer the phone, and it seems her boss has asked her to meet him. The conversation suddenly cuts tonight. Cherie has changed her business attire and stands in front of a castle-like home. Ethan (Pilou Astraek) greets Cherie with a gentle piano and a warm smile.

A brief romantic montage is presented to us. Ethan takes her to sushi in a warmly lit restaurant. The lanterns hanging overhead glisten like stars. A cloud of balloons sweeps Cherie as they dance on a roller rink. Cherie tells Ethan that she will only stay for one drink after they return home.

Ethan waits for Cherie to enter the home as the camera draws closer. The music stops. Ethan faces the camera, his expression as deadening as a stone. He raises his hand as if he is telling the audience not to follow him. It’s so abrupt that the fourth wall crack is complete that all pleasantness has been lost. Ethan slowly enters the house and closes the door behind him.

No One Beats Him

A look: Run Sweetheart Run Trailer Breakdown: Blind Dates Can Be Killer

Cherie runs out of the house, panting and bleeding, and without shoes. Cherie makes it to the streets, but we must cut to Cherie alone in a tiled space. Ethan tells Cherie that their game is all that matters. More chasing ensues — Cherie runs in complete panic while Ethan follows her confidently and even checks his watch mid-sentence. The grim reminder of their pleasant evening together, she ends up in a lit carousel. Ethan’s appearance is made healthy by her horror-sting glance into the mirror.

Cherie meets other women after more disconnected chasing. One woman claims that she is a “marked lady” now. We are shown footage of Cherie dressing up her wounds and changing into a hardened outfit. This is not Ethan’s first time. Another woman tells Cherie that a “survivor can only help her.” The woman revealed a deep scar on her abdomen.

It’s more than just a night escape. Ethan has some power or influence. Cherie can see Ethan in the rearview mirror as she drives by him. The vehicle flips over, and shards of broken glass scatter across the interior.

In the glow of artificial lighting, Ethan asks, “How do you survive now?”

He’s like a monster.

A brief glimpse is given of what appears like a martial arts school—the scarred woman who before told us that “no one beats” him. The trailer’s tone becomes a little more encouraging. We see a small group of survivors with improvised weapons and blood pouring from one vial to another. And a quick shot shows Cherie in the morning sunlight, which suggests that she survived the night. Cherie then attacks the camera with a brick and hurries away when it falls to the ground. Combining this with Ethan’s previous interaction with the camera, it could indicate that Cherie is filming his “games” for some evil reason.

We see that Ethan is willing to kill anyone not directly connected to his game after he declares that he won’t be going anywhere. Cherie is briefly seen in the trailer with Ethan, and Ethan is shown licking his blood-stained chops like an animal. The title card is now in place.

Eager fans speculate that Ethan could be a vampire because of the vial scene and the fact that Ethan isn’t present during the day. This would not necessarily align with Feste’s filmmaking process since she wrote it based on her personal experiences at Entertainment Weekly.

Run Sweetheart Run is shaping to be an entertaining horror thriller for Halloween. It joins other films like 2020 The Invisible Man to highlight a real danger that can impact anyone.

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