A Look-Saturday Morning Webtoons: TO TAME A FIRE and TIME AND TIME AGAIN

Hello, all fellow webtoon readers, and welcome to the latest edition of Saturday Morning Webtoons! Here we highlight two WEBTOONs we’ve been loving. The stories have kept us hooked every week, chapter after chapter, and we couldn’t resist sharing these stories with you! So, grab your favourite snack or a device with an internet connection and get ready for these thrilling stories.

Disclaimer: The posts below contain spoilers related to To Tackle the Fire and Time and Time Once.

How to control a fire

This week’s episode starts with Hilluhri’s “To Control the Fire. It is a supernatural tale. WEBTOON follows Ray, her daughter, who was the son of war criminals. Ray has been shunned and demonized by many due to her family heritage. After being confronted by a notorious commanding officer, Ray suddenly finds herself in situations that test her morals on the line. Does she emerge triumphant, or will the ghosts that her father’s past gradually become her own?

I’m sure we’re in a spooky time. However, we must recognize the stories about supernatural creatures that are just right for this season. This is why I was drawn to To Tame a Fire, and folx, I could not be more pleased. The magical system Hulluhri invented is an enjoyable way to learn about it and watching Ray explore it further is so lovely. This is the perfect series for people seeking a story with a supernatural twist which isn’t too frightening.

Time and Time Again series

Our second series of the week will be Deo I.’s Time and Time Again. Each full moon is when Steve must travel through Time. In addition, Steve is an impulsive werewolf. Also, add Adam, an agent of the vampire assigned to watch Steve and ensure that he does not destroy the entire universe. They attempt to ensure everything is in order; however, they’re in grave danger regardless of their efforts.

Time. Travelling. Werewolf. That’s it. This is the entire article. Okay, that’s not the whole story. However, it’s a significant reason I went through¬†The Time and the Time Again. Like¬†Tame a Fire, the supernatural and magical elements are unique. The first chapter, in particular, is breathtaking and provides an idea of the kind of things we’ll witness as the story unfolds. The series is worth reading even after the Halloween season is over.

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