A look – When We Were Young Festival Cancels Saturday Performances Due to High Wind Warning

The When We Were Young musical festival cancelled its Saturday show schedule. This announcement came out at approximately 10:00 a.m., about an hour before the doors were scheduled to be opened to the festival grounds.

Some festival participants have yet to receive the message announcing plans to end the festival simultaneously. However, some found the announcement in their inboxes at 10:30. Other people learned about the news through conversations via social networks.

“When We Were Young Festival organizers have been prepping the grounds for a stormy Saturday for the last few days. The National Weather Service has now updated their forecast for Saturday to the status of a High Wind Warning, including dangerous sustained winds of 30-40 mph and 60 mph wind speeds,” the festival states. “Under advice from The National Weather Service and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, We have no other alternative than to cancel the When We Were Young Festival. The safety of our guests and our staff and artists will always be our highest priority.”

The announcement also states that the remaining dates for the festival next day (Oct. 23) and the following Saturday (Oct. 29) remain on the calendar as well and “are moving forward accordingly.” The statement needs to provide more information about the possibility of the Oct. 22 ticket holders transferring their tickets to the following two festival dates. In the event, the announcement says that those who bought tickets through the company that sells tickets to the festival, Front Gate Tickets, will receive a full refund after 30 days.

“This was not a choice made without a lot of thought. We know that many of you travelled to the region to enjoy an unforgettable day with your favourite band and have been anticipating that day throughout the months. We were equally excited and shocked to announce this news.” The statement goes on.

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