A look Who is Zora’s Husband Ken Based on? Is Attica Locke’s Husband an ex-NFL Player?

Netflix’s “From Scratch” tells an account of Amy and Lino, whose love story is a series of changes and ups. It starts as something straight from a fairytale; however, as time passes, they endure the trials which test them to the limit. They must rely on affection and love when they face such a situation.

Lino and Amy Amy and Lino have unwavering support from Amy’s sister Zora. She has always been there right from the beginning and is so committed to them that she is often oblivious to herself during the process.

These times, she requires someone to look to her for help and discovers the one in Ken. Ken is the one who cares for her while she takes charge of her family members. Zora is a charming character, instantly appealing to viewers. Zora is influenced by Attica Locke, The daughter of Tembi Locke, the author whose memoirs are the source of inspiration for the series. If it makes you think that Ken is based on the character of Attica’s husband and father, then we’ve got you covered.

Who is Attica Locke’s Husband?

In the film ‘From Scratch,’ Zora marries an NFL player called Ken, who is a teacher like her. In reality, however, Attica Locke’s spouse, Karl Fenske, is quite different from Ken. He is the deputy public defender in the county courthouse in Los Angeles and is the winner of the Judi Schecter Award in recognition of outstanding Service within Juvenile Practice. His birthplace was in Chicago, and he was raised in Missouri. He and Attica were introduced while at Northwestern University.

The couple has been married for the better two decades; Attica confessed that her first impression of Karl was not good. “He was so bizarre. The guy was beautiful and white. I was a lovely little girl. He was this handsome man with long hair, a leather jacket, and earrings, and he smelled like cigarettes.

He was so charming! At first glance, I didn’t like his smugness,” she told The Guardian. In time she began to get to know him. “I started noticing things about him that made me question my initial judgment,” she said. After a while, they fell in love and haven’t looked back.

After graduation, they relocated to LA, the city where Attica was determined to pursue an acting profession in Hollywood. After some initial struggles during her career as an actor, she changed to screenwriting. This eventually provided Karl with the funds to attend law school.

She was working with him on a project that led him toward a career in public defense. Through a screenwriting fellowship, Attica worked on the reality show “World’s Wildest Police Video” and was also an audio librarian.

“Police agencies across the nation were able to send tapes. A few were car chases, and police arresting or beating people. Also, Karl was a bit broken,” Attica said. The story affected him because he decided to pursue law school and devoted himself to helping those in need.

Afterward, once Karl could secure a job, he aided his family so that Attica could spend time on her books, most of which are within the crime genre. Her husband’s law career and his background in the field of criminal defense are one of the primary sources of her research.

In adapting “From Scratch” to Netflix, Attica and Tembi Locke made many changes to the characters and their plots. About Zora and Ken, the differences are far more apparent. The show’s character Ken appears to be a man of color, and his character is very different from Karl’s.

The encounter with Zora and Ken is also the opposite time in their lives compared to Attica and Karl, who first met at the earliest stage of their teens. The path of each relationship is very different, and it’s possible to say that, for the show, Ken’s character was developed from scratch. However, one of the main similarities between both men is that both are considerate and kind individuals who love their wives.

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