ABVP National Executive Council Meeting Held In Shimla

Today, a Press Conference was held in Vidyarthi Bhawan amphalla. ABVPJammu Kashmir State Secretary Mukesh Manhas stated that the National Executive Council meeting of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad was held on 27, 28 & 29 May in Shimla. Each representative from the country was present at the meeting to review the work in their respective states and propose a plan for next year. After a productive discussion, all representatives agreed to discuss and decide on new action plans and goals.

Four resolutions passed  in the National Executive CouncilMeetings whose titles include:

 Stop unethical interference of state government in the education sector, Current NationalSituation. A future-focused, student-centric, national education policy must immediately be implemented. Every effort should be made for India to become self-reliant. The representatives discussed these resolutions in detail before passing them.

The first resolution adopted by the ABVPat National Executive Council MeetingShimla InChattisgarh (Tamil Nadu), Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Maharashtra should stop unauthorized interference with the appointment of Vice Chancellors in universities. Academicians are under direct pressure to implement an ordinance to remove Vice Chancellors. The state government should immediately withdraw the ordinance that obligates Vice-Chancellors to comply with orders.

Political interference by State governments is destroying the University’s original identity, and the institution’s independence. The NEC meeting was called for the ABVPCalls on all State governments to end Political interference and step up to improve education in their institutions while taking good care of students.

The second resolution, titled “Student-centric & futuristic”, is found under the second resolution. NationalEducation Policy must be implemented as soon as possible. National Executive CouncilAppeal to Union and State governments, Vice-Chancellors and all stakeholders in education to rise above the partisan politics to national interest in implementing NationalEducation Policy. We appeal also to students and guardians of education from states that have rejected it. NationalInterest in favor of political one to come forth, raise their voices, and play their part at implementing NationalEducation Policy.

It is important to know that ABVPIt will celebrate its 75th anniversary of foundation next year. In keeping with this goal, and with an emphasis on organizational strengthening, many plans have been made. To celebrate 75 years of ABVPAn appeal was also made for the youth. They were encouraged and motivated to devote some of their time to the interests of the country. The discrimination of caste, creed, and other characteristics must be abandoned.

The meeting also made important decisions regarding the next year. It was decided to plant 1 million saplings by the Students for Development of Karyakartas. ABVP. The process of making ‘Vriksha mitra’ will also be initiated beginning on June 5. InJammu, Kashmir ABVPKaryakartas will plant one lakh saplings.

Last year, as part the ‘Amrit Mahotsav Azadi’, ABVPOn Independence Day, karyakartas carried the tricolor to more than 1 million villages. This year, 75 years of Independence was completed. ABVPKaryakartas will visit 21,000 villages and lift the flag. National flag. InJammu Kashmir ABVPKaryakartas visit 3500 villages and lift the flag. National Flag including 1000 villages in Kashmir. 

 ABVPIn September, Selfie with Campus Unit will launch a new campaign.

There was a discussion on restarting the Student Experience in Inter-State Living (SEIL)  project after a gap in the Corona period. This project allows students from North Eastern states to travel to India and makes them more familiar with India’s diversity.

Jammu Kashmir Secretary ABVP,  Mukesh Manhas said. “This meeting was for the National Executive CouncilWe felt it was crucial. We were very fortunate to have this meeting in the peaceful and natural environment of Shimla. 

Other attendees included Akshi Billowaria, Ramnik Sharma State Joint Secretary and Ramnik Sharma State Secretary. National Executive CouncilMember, Abhishek Sharma Jammu Vibhag Convenor and Hariom Sharma Jammu Mahanagar Joint Secretary.

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