Andor – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Conversations In The Camp

Episode 5 on Andor begins with Syril returning home with his mom. She constantly nags him by pointing out that the character is disappointing and that there’s no hope for the future.

In the meantime, Cassian Andor wakes up and prepares for the attack. The other man, Skeen, will be there to take revenge, sporting the tattoos that adorn his body, which reveal a lot about his previous life. Cinta is believed to be the most difficult one, and the plan is based on Lieutenant Gorn being their source of information. Are they able to trust him? While we think about this during our downtime, we get to know the players and discover their motives and why they’re doing what they’re doing.

However, there’s a huge issue with the plan. The team has no idea what to do to get the ship off the rails and was planning to take it off them before Cassian showed up; they’ll figure their way. Because Andor is familiar with these ships, He decides to control the ship and get away by himself.

To implement this plan, they will be able to sneak Cassian into the group to serve as an Imperial Private and some of the other men. Andor advises that the form must be changed to favour their preferred shooting hand. It is possible to do Imperial strolls, schematic studies and a constantly vigilant eye on any approaching TIE fighters.

But, the whole thing unravels as Skeen realizes that Andor isn’t who he claims to be. He takes the necklace away from him and reveals to the others that it’s Sky Kyber and is believed to be an important mineral worth 3000 credits. He asks what Andor is and also what he believes in.

Ultimately, he explains that he’s paid to do the job and is there only for money. As they get closer to making an important game against the Empire, this is not a good image. They eventually go towards the hills looking out over the Imperial settlement. They send a signal to Gorn and then return to their camp.

Episode Review Episode Review

The next episode of Andor disappears with a great characterization for the entire group. But little else. The plot is moving slowly, and as I’ve stated previously, Andor is screaming out for more than one episode at once. The initial three episodes ran well together as we moved to get to the important parts of the story. This show requires several episodes to drop simultaneously for the story to continue.

The Mon scenes don’t make it into this review because they don’t contribute significantly to the plot. I’m sure they will come shortly; however, the main focus is Cassian and his team this week.

It’s great to find an entertaining Star Wars TV show, and the gritty nature of this show is very welcome. While I’m not requesting massive battles and action every week, A second or two might do the trick to increase the pace. It’ll be interesting to know how many viewers will stay with this show and how many hours of patience Andor expects its viewers to be.

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