Ariadna Gil Height, Weight, and Age

This article contains Ariadna Gil’s measurements, weight, and age. Ariadna Gil can be described as an Actress. You can find Ariadna Gil’s Measurements details and more information here.

Ariadna Gil Bio

Ariadna Gil, a well-known Actress, was born on January 23, 1969. The following sections provide information about Ariadna Gil’s measurements, weight, age, and bra size.

NameAriadna Gil
Your Birth DateJanuary 23, 1969
Zodiac SignAquarius
Is Ariadna Gil MarriedYes

Ariadna Gil Measurements

Height5 ft 8in / 172 cm
Age53 years
Shoe Size (Feet).7 US
Types of BodySlim

Ariadna Gil Appearance

Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColorDark brown

Ariadna Gil Measurements FAQ

1. Who is Ariadna Gold?

Ariadna Gil acts as an Actress.

2. What is Ariadna Gil’s age?

Ariadna Gil is 53 years old.

3. How high is Ariadna Gil’s height?

Ariadna Gil’s height is 5ft 8in / 172cm

4. What is Ariadna Gil’s Zodiac Sign, and what does it mean?

Aquarius is Ariadna Gil’s Zodiac Sign.

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