Bad Sisters Finale: Recap and Ending, Explained

Apple TV+’s “Bad Sisters,” tells the story of the Garveys. They are a group of close sisters who will do whatever it takes to protect one another. All signs point to the garvey when Grace, Grace’s abusive husband, dies in mysterious circumstances. Throughout the season, the mystery surrounding John Paul’s murder slowly unravels. The finale provides some necessary closure and answers. Here’s everything you need to know about the episode 10 conclusion of “Bad Sisters.” SPOILERS Ahead!

Bad Sisters Finale Recap

The tenth episode, entitled ‘Saving Grace,’ opens with police investigating John Paul’s body. Grace is comforted by the Garvey sisters, who also discuss John Paul’s passing. Grace says that John Paul and Grace were at Grace’s birthday dinner and that Grace wanted to spend the evening with her husband. Grace reveals that John Paul refused to leave the house and headed home when Grace asked him to. Later, his body was found in the woods close to the cabin.

The sisters are left to wonder who killed John Paul after Grace has gone. The sisters suspect one another but quickly realize it’s not one of them. On the other hand, Ursula questions Ben about John Paul’s death. However, when she confronts Ben about the murder of John Paul, he becomes disgusted and ends their affair. Matthew continues his investigation while Thomas cares for his wife, who is still in labor. Matthew talks with Roger about John Paul’s atrocious behavior.

Matthew later visited the cabin to discover that John Paul had lied to Grace about his whereabouts. The widow is suspicious after Matthew questions Grace’s story and finds that John Paul’s body was exhumed post-mortem. Grace can get answers from her sisters, who turn to her for help. They reveal that they tried to kill John Paul several times but failed. Their actions suggest foul play in John Paul’s death and lead to Grace being denied the insurance claim.

Bad Sisters Finale Ending: How Did John Paul Die?

In the series premiere episode, John Paul’s death was confirmed. Two crucial details remain unanswered about his death. The main plot lines revealed in the season’s second episode concern the murderer and the cause. It is unsurprising that John Paul was a disliked and vindictive person. Many candidates wanted to kill him. We are led to believe that John Paul was killed by Robert, Ben, and the Garvey sister.

After learning that her sisters might be facing legal troubles, Grace finally revealed the truth about John Paul’s murder. Grace explains that she killed John Paul. Flashbacks show that the couple went to their cabin deep in the woods after they had finished their meal. Grace and John Paul attempted to fall in love, but John Paul couldn’t perform. John Paul became angry at Grace as a result. Grace tried to comfort John Paul, but Grace lost her cool. John Paul then revealed that he had a relationship with Eva ten years ago and hasn’t felt attracted since.

Grace recalls John Paul’s incident and realizes it caused Eva’s miscarriage. She concludes that John Paul raped Eva and is furious at her husband. After he criticizes Grace, an angry and distraught Grace strangles John Paul. Grace was the one who killed John Paul. John Paul’s cruelty angered her sister. This ending changes the story of Grace as the troubled damsel that needs the protection of her sisters. Grace’s killing of John Paul liberates her from her abusive marriage, which her sisters had been trying to do.

Does Grace get the insurance money?

The Garvey sisters discover the truth about John Paul’s murder and attempt to find solutions to cover her involvement. Matthew overhears their conversation. Matthew learns that Grace murdered her husband and sees a way for him to save his brother’s company and keep Thomas from going to prison. Becka attempts to persuade Matthew to support Grace’s secret involvement. Becka tries to convince Matthew to keep the crime secret, but he refuses.

Matthew ultimately makes the final decision. Matthew could quickly tell the police the truth and have Grace detained, but he decides not to do that. Matthew is aware of Grace’s pain at John Paul’s hands and doesn’t want to add to her misery. He destroys evidence linking Grace to John Paul’s death and abandons his efforts to prove John Paul was murdered. Grace agrees to withdraw her insurance claim. Matthew prevents Grace from being sent to prison and protects his brother from the law. Grace can continue her freedom even though the Claffins don’t pay her insurance.

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