BJP Jammu West holds Press Conference on upcoming party programs

Jammu: BJP District President Jammu West Munish Khajuria on Friday announced that the party has done all that was necessary to make eight years of the Modi government unbeatable, including service, good governance, and welfare for the poor. During a press conference at the District BJP Headquarters, he said these words.

He was also accompanied by District Coordinator Pawan Singh, District General Secretaries Adv Rajesh Gupta, Adv Karan Sharma & Ajay Manhas, Mandal Presidents Keshav Chopra & Raveesh Mengi.

Speaking onHe stated that Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas was our working motto. We have policies and as well intention to work.” He said that Service, good governance, and welfare of the poor are key aspects of the Modi government and under the leadership of the PM the culture of Indian politics has changed and it has also impacted the Government’s style of functioning.

He also spoke about the programs that would be accepted by the party began on June 1st and will conclude on June 31st on 14 June celebrating the eight years of Good Governance of the Modi Government under the banner “Sewa, Sushasan our Garib Kalyan.”

He stated that the District Jammu WestThe country has also seen significant development over the past eight years. Our MP, MLA, and Corporators have reached out for the common good to solve the problems of the people, irrespective of whether they are implementing developmental works or if they are providing other benefits to the public.

He also highlighted the work of the Former MLA Jammu WestSat Sharma (CA), who is taking up major developmental roles in the country Jammu West District including the works of Black Topping, Construction of Lanes, Development of Parks, improvement of power scenario, providing thousands of freshwater connections to households and the major work of Krishna Nagar to Canal Road Deep Drain and Shakti Nagar Deep Drain which was chaos for the locals during rains but after its construction, not even a single drop of water stands on roads that were open during rains have helped to improve chaotic situations for thousands of residents.

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