BJP scared of Assembly Polls in J&K: Harsh Dev

Chenani, 14-06-2022:  Pointing toward the media reports appearing in a section of Press that revision of electoral rolls can’t be taken up till August 15 due to Amar Nath Yatra, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Former Minister and senior AAP leader said that it was yet another frivolous excuse to avoid the state elections for vested political reasons.

He said that having failed to deliver and redeem its promises the BJP was trying to postpone elections on one pretext or the other. Having antagonized its electorates as well, the BJP was trying hard to buy time and thereby resorting to delay and deny tactics over the issue of conduct of Assembly elections in J&K.

Scared to face the people in the wake of its multiple betrayals with peoples’ cause, it preferred repeated postponement of polls and continuation of its proxy rule in the UT, said Mr. Singh. He was addressing a huge gathering after inaugurating two days National Integration Camp in Sudh Mahadev today.

Reiterating the need for the early elections to J&K Legislative Assembly in J&K, Mr. Singh said that any delay in this regard would not only amount to subversion of democracy but also violate the orders of the Supreme Court. “The people could not be deprived of their democratic rights in the state only for the political inexpediencies of the ruling party at the centre by taking to frivolous excuses”, said Mr. Singh.

He said that a full-time elected govt was a must to deal with the armed insurgency in the erstwhile state besides coping with the multiple issues confronting the UT. The militancy which had erupted in the early 90s in J&K had gradually subsided after the formation of an elected govt in the state. It had almost died down during popular govts but unfortunately got revived during the centre’s proxy rule.

Any delay therefore in handing over power to the sons of soil through free and fair elections could prove counterproductive and further complicate the already volatile situation in the UT said, Harsh.

Pointing toward the growing tensions in various parts of the UT and the failure of the administration to come up to the peoples’ expectations, Mr. Singh said that bureaucratic rule was no answer to the prevalent crisis. The LG administration had lost connection with the masses. The unemployed, semi-employed and contractual were on the roads with none to even take note of their sufferings and grievances.

The people inhabiting the rural areas were suffering badly for basic amenities with no access whatsoever to the corridors of power. With hardly any forum to ventilate their grievances, the people were suffering badly in the absence of a popular govt thereby resulting in growing alienation amongst the masses.

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