BTS Vs Exo Vote 2022, Which Is The Best Kpop Group In 2022?

BTS Vs Exo Vote 2020:There is now a massive fight between Which Is the Best Kpop Group in 2022 and BTS Vs Exo Vote 2022 is trending online. Exo, a nine-member boy group from Seoul that is partially Chinese and partly South Korean, is currently trending on the internet. Below, you can see Which Is the Best Kpop Group in 2022 and BTS Vs Exo vote 2022. You can also learn how to vote.

BTS Vs EXO Vote 2022

K-pop is a popular music genre that originated in South Korea. BTS and EXO, two of South Korea’s most well-known boy groups, are admired by millions. Both have musical styles and are made up of talented and attractive members. Fans often debate which group is better, and there is never a dull moment when EXO and BTS fans are at odds.

These two bands are trendy and prosperous, but the rivalry among their fans is endless. These bands have some of the most prominent and well-known names in Korean music. Each member of these bands is gifted in their way.


The dominance of one group over another could be determined by the quality and appearance of its vocals, rap, dance style, or album sales. Which brand is most successful, and what are their strengths? We will evaluate all elements to reach a decision.

Although BTS has some lovely members like Jin, Jungkook, and V, EXO members from a Kpop perspective are more appealing. EXO’s vocals are more honey-like than BTS’s and have a more comforting tone. We feel that they are equally good.

Which Kpop Group Is the Best in 2022?

There’s a lot of debate over which one of these super-popular boy bands is the most popular. According to reports, they’ve been around since the 2010s.

Some argue that while BTS is a more popular and accepted group, EXO’s members are better-known than their rival band. K-pop fans also believe that EXO is more famous in South Korea than BTS; however, EXO’s performances in Europe and America are always a huge success.

However, popularity discussions are subjective because musicians may not be well-known in certain areas. According to most estimates, K-pop and K-pop have approximately the same fan base.

BTS and EXO are two groups with very different achievements. Fans love both of them for many reasons. They are two of South Korea’s most popular boy groups, and their diversity has allowed them to achieve international recognition.


In terms of awards, the Bangtan Boys have more than other K-pop acts. They have been nominated and received many honors in Korea and the United States. They have won awards at major events such as the American Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards. They have been nominated 535 times and won 361 times on different occasions.

EXO also has received praises for their work. But they are more well-known in Asia than their counterparts. They are still highly respected internationally and are often nominated for awards. They have been nominated for 286 awards and won 168.

BTS seems to be well ahead of its competitors regarding album sales. Gaon Music published the 2019 album sales chart for K-pop artists. Bangtan Boys topped the charts with 6,025,853 albums, more than their competitors.

SEVENTEEN was second with 1,463,322 album sales, while TWICE was third with 1,169.576 records. EXO ranked fourth with 829,668 albums sold in 2019. X1 was fifth with 640,568 album sales.

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