Catherine Dyer Murder: Where Is Mike Waguespack Now?

Catherine Dyer Murder: The authorities in Austin, Texas, responded to a call of a possible murder in November 2015 at an apartment within the block 7500 Northcrest Boulevard to find Catherine Dyer unconscious in her bedroom. It took only a few minutes for the police to announce that she was dead. A preliminary examination revealed that the area around her skull was bloody.

Investigation Discovery’s “In Pursuit With John Walsh: In Cold Blood the film chronicles the murder of Catherine and describes how the police got an email from the killer within minutes of the incident. If you’re interested to know more about the investigation and would like to know what the location of Catherine’s killer is at the moment, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Catherine Dyer Die?

An Austin resident of Austin, Texas, Catherine Dyer was only 31 years old at the time of her death. Many who were acquainted with her appreciated her kindness and said she was even willing to donate her shirt off her back if it helped anyone in need.

Always loyal to her family and friends, Catherine was already ready to help and was never opposed to not helping someone who needed help. In the years preceding her death, Catherine started dating Kevin Michael “Mike” Waguespack, whom she knew from high school.

How Did Catherine Dyer Die?

The resident from Austin, Texas, Catherine Dyer, was only 31 years old at the moment of her murder. Many who were acquainted with her appreciated her generosity and stated that she was even willing to give away the shirt she wore off her back to help anyone in need.

Always reliable for her family and friends, Catherine was ready to lend a hand and had no intention of not helping someone in need of help. Just a few years before her death, Catherine started dating Kevin Michael “Mike” Waguespack, whom she had known since high school.

Similar to this, another of Mike’s acquaintances reportedly got an email in the evening as Mike said Mike had committed a massive error in time and would be in prison for an extended period. With no delay, police made an acquaintance list of Mike’s friends and interviewed them individually.

They also conducted an exhaustive investigation of the site and attempted to find out where Mike might have fled.

Then eventually, the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force was involved in the case. Together, Austin, the police intelligence unit, found out that Mike fled from Natchez, Mississippi, where the family had a home.

Police immediately went to Mississippi, and after a tense initial standoff, Mike surrendered and came to Austin along with the officers. In the following days, Mike’s family presented the police with a gun and claimed that they had taken the gun away from him upon his arrival.

Where Is Mike Waguespack Now?

It wasn’t proved whether the gun handed over to authorities by the family of Mike was an element of what Catherine was killed. With an apparent confession by Mike himself and plenty of evidence that could be used in a trial before a jury, authorities took him into custody before accusing him of murdering Catherine. Mike was then taken to Travis County Jail. Travis County Jail and was detained on a bail of $250,000. In June 2016, Mike posted his $250,000 bail and was then allowed to leave the jail.

Where Is Mike Waguespack Now?

Additionally, because the time was not yet over for the outcome of his case, he was wearing an ankle monitor throughout the day. However, Mike kept complaining about the ankle monitor. In April of 2017, judge Tamara Needles believed that Mike was not at issue with flight and permitted the freedom to move about without an ankle monitor. All did not understand this decision.

However, Mike complied with the law and appeared in the courtroom during his hearings for pretrial up to October 19 and October 19, 2017. Mike’s last pretrial meeting before his trial took place on October 23. However, Mike did not show up on the day.

The authorities immediately went to the address he registered. However, Mike wasn’t located. Unfortunately, since then, Mike has evaded law authorities and is still waiting to be found. There is currently an active nationwide search for him.

Anyone who has any information is encouraged to contact the authorities. Although it may seem bleak, the police are optimistic about their ability to locate Mike and return him to court for the charges.

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