Central Govt. working in Autocratic style-AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party Jammu, in a meeting at Laxmipuram-Chinore AAP office, in Jammu North Assembly Constituency has, the accused ruling dispensation of working in an autocratic style in the biggest democracy of the world, without consulting cabinet colleagues, opposition Parties or concerned Department in all sensitive matters and this time Army recruitment issue thus inviting serious public resentment, particularly from the youth of the Nation & that too from BIHAR STATE which has remained home to the famous J.P. Andolan.

Expressing great surprise & wonder over the AGNI PATH Yojna of the central government, the AAP leaders said that the resentment over the Yojna is so severe across the country that within scores of hours dozens of Trains got burnt, 300 trains got damaged or cancelled and within hours govt. was forced to make amendments in the Act clearly showing that the Act has been passed in a hush-hush manner without application of mind and simply with an eye on electoral gains dragging Army in the debate which is most worrying & ridiculous, the AAP leaders said and added that most un-reasonable & dubious in the fact Govt engaged Navy Chief & Air Chief for damage control caused by the elected representatives.

Why should Army own or share the responsibility for the act done by the civilian Govt. and attract a bad name in the eyes of the public? the AAP leaders questioned. The AAP leaders further said that an Army recruit after putting in service up to 25 years is not at all given training for maintaining law and order situation, and has no mindset for the same. This implies that the ruling dispensation wants to score a political point by making use of Army for the civilian purpose for which the Army is not meant at all, the AAP leaders said.

Lashing at the central government & accusing it of issuing NADER SHAHI FARMAAN, the AAP leaders further laments the Modi led Government for taking the countrymen for a ride by issuing un-mindful demonetization breaking the backbone of the Indian economy in respect of the lowest ever GDP; ill motived three black Agriculture laws giving benefits to friendly Capitalists & taking the lives of about 750 farmers without showing a single word in remorse & now playing a cruel joke with crores of young qualified, unemployed youths of the Country by bringing in AGNI VEER Yojna,

Modi Govt. is bound to eat a humble pie like withdrawing 3 farmers laws, the AAP leaders anticipated. What will youths do after rendering 4 to 5 years of service where they have “No PENSION- ONLY TENSION” the AAP leaders questioned and added that it is entirely against the future of youths of the Nation for which they will not forgive, the Capitalist friendly Modi Government in times to come, the AAP leaders made a forecast? The AAP leaders further asked as to why 3 Army Chiefs have been deployed as salesmen to sell the product prepared by the civil government that the Youth of the country don’t have to buy.

The AAP appeals to the Youths to read between the lines & judge for themselves as to who is anti-youths, anti- farmers, anti-labourers, anti-workers, anti-small traders, anti-employees etc. The ruling party is working on the policy to keep 95% of people poor and 5% wealthy to fund & rule which is very dangerous for the unity & integrity of the Country, the AAP leaders cautioned.

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