Chainsaw Man Episode 1: Review That’s Fantastic!

It’s time, folks! The most extensive original series of 2022 in which Chainsaw The Patient Episode 8 Review AROUND TIME, CERTAIN people lose faith, and some gain it Man Episode 1 proudly introduces itself in the public domain. Let’s take a look at this report!

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Overview

Chainsaw Man is an action supernatural, adventure, and action animated series created by Studio MAPPA, a massively well-known studio behind other famous shonen series like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen. The show is based on the manga with the same title written by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

The show is led by Tatsuya Ishihara, who has participated in the making of Black Clover and Monster Musume. The first series of the series was published through Jump+, an online alternative to the extremely loved Shonen Jump magazine. This manga sold more than 13 million copies in just four years.

Chainsaw Man, Episode 1, Review is not filled with spoilers.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 ReviewThe Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Review Beautiful Violence

Going into a show that is so popular completely blind is not an easy task to complete. Being completely unaware of what’s happening around you when performing something as inclusive as reviewing is difficult. However, anything is possible if you don’t feel comfortable engaging in social media or prefer to be within your personal space that you carefully design. This isn’t to say that I missed the excitement. When the announcement became so popular in that short period, it became difficult not to be interested. But, with fame and adulation comes another obstacle to meeting expectations.

I entered this episode with an inclination to the contrary. I thought there was any way that it could be as great as everyone claimed it to be. The show was placed on such a high level that it was difficult even to imagine what it would take to be on such a pedestal. In recent times, many shows have attracted attention for little or nothing, which is why you can’t fault me for being over-protective. The moment has come to the realization- was this as impressive as all the hype claims? Well, I think it was or at least came close.

The first episode of Chainsaw Man was amazing in a way that is not often encountered in shows of the same kind. However, we have been watching more of them today than before. The basic premise was Denji finding himself in a state of despair and under a lot of pressure to settle an outstanding debt, and then being a victim of a mob as well as suffering till his suffering ended; it was fantastic and added emotional depth to the show, which otherwise could be dismissed as a gory and constantly sexually explicit shonen fair. The point is the show had a heart, and it let its nature for the world to witness in its initial episode.

Regarding being sexually hysterical and gory, the show did not leave a stone unturned regarding respecting these two aspects. It was bloody, and body parts flew about like they were being thrown out of fashion, All captured beautifully by the usually excellent MAPPA animation. I’m hoping I won’t be forced to discuss this particular animation in the review because there aren’t many ways to say, “yeah, it was awesome, it was amazing, everything looked great.” The music will be a while before it settles into the scene, but the initial impressions were highly positive.

Despite all that, The thing that stood out and made Chainsaw Man honestly be noticed was the connection between Pochita with Denji. A cute dog and a human down on his luck have always been an effective combo, which is why it worked perfectly here too. Poche is adorable, and being associated with Denji that deep could only be a blessing. The sorrow that the show depicted using each of them as the character’s muse could be described as “devastatingly powerful.” The show is off to an impressive beginning. Let’s see how it will continue to build on this momentum!


Chainsaw Man Episode 1 was just plain fantastic. The stunning, violent, and emotional beats the episode smashed were just right. The future is very positive.

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