Check Out See-Season 3 Episode 7, “God Thunder” Recap & Review

God Thunder

Episode 7 in See Season 3 starts with an attack on the world. Soldiers are preparing trebuchets. Kane returns to the post of Queen. For the Witchfinders. In any case, she’s working with Trivantes and has decided to kill Pennsa. Kofun arrives and attempts to stop her, but she’s unsuccessful because her mind is constructed. After beating him, the cops can observe what’s going to unfold.

In the meantime, Maghra approaches Tamacti Jun and pays homage to his lost brothers from the last season. After that, he returns to the city with her, and both are concerned about the battle that is about to take place. The battle begins.

Bombs are hurled in the city because of the trebuchets previously mentioned. They haven’t yet pierced the walls, but considering the number of explosions Tormada, he has plenty of options.

A bomb strikes the palace directly on the head, breaking the roof. As it falls on everyone, it appears the battle is ended. It also hits Maghra as she holds Wolffe.

Baba Voss and the others arrive and begin clearing the debris. Tamacti Jun is alive, along with Wolffe and Maghra, which is a relief. They’re removed to recuperate, and, given a precious moment from Kane, she chooses to allow her sister to stew in the destruction she has caused. Amid this slumber, before another bomb goes off, Maghra is shocked over the events that have transpired, mainly since the Witchfinders are collaborating with Trivantians.

In reality, the soldiers have been encircling the city to prevent anyone from leaving. Tamacti Jun believes that this is part of Kane’s strategy as well. And since Harlan is dead, Harlan is dead too. It’s not looking great.

Kofun returns to his family. Kofun is returned to the family, which is something. He arrives bearing a letter from Queen Kane. Queen Kane wants Maghra to take her throne off and surrender completely. She’s expected to walk independently and give up her crown and kingdom. If she does not? The bombs will burn the city until it is the point of ash.

But there’s an escape. Harlan leaves behind a box that includes the map and a weapon. The map in question is for tunnels for smugglers, which lead outside the city. There is no need to go to the grave, and could have a way to escape.

Together, with Wren and Haniwa each in charge of the maps, they discover the secret passageway. It’s located inside a tiny cave out of Pennsa. Maghra decides to begin evacuation immediately, and all the villagers are rounded into a circle and taken out of the city. When they have done that, Maghra decides they should go away and make an entirely new life out in the wild, far from Kane and the Trivantians.

To emphasize to reinforce this, we watch a lot of flashbacks in the past and see Baba Voss and Maghra grow closer. It’s an excellent method of putting into perspective what’s occurred. It opens the door for the future, in which Baba Voss gives a rousing speech about family, not taking the blame for each other, and they hug before heading through the tunnels towards (hopefully) security.

When they travel along the tunnels, they find Baba Voss has gone. He’s returned to murder Queen Kane. He’s aware that he’s not likely to make it through this but believes this is the only way for him to make peace. It’s not all alone Tamacti Jun decides to be with him.

God Thunder Season 3, Episode 7, Episode Recap

The final episode of See Season 3 sets up everything perfectly for the last episode; however, at this point, it’s anybody’s idea of what will occur or how the plot will unfold. There’s plenty to be wrapped up, and even with just one episode remaining, I’m concerned about how the writers will manage to wrap this up at the end.

The attack on Pennsa starts, and watching the bombs in action along with Kane, the Trivantians, Kane together is one hell of an army, and it appears to be invincible now. Things can change, so we’ll need to wait to see what happens next week.

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