Chib along with other AAP leaders pay rich tributes to  Rajni Bala & Vijay Kumar

Sandeep Singh Chib is the APP leader with otherParty leadersPaid richFloral tributesTo Rajni Bala, and Bank Manager Vijay KumarToday, pay your taxes at the Gandhi Nagar Jammu party head office tributesChib described the killings as cowardly acts of cowardice that were intended to disturb Kashmir’s peace and create fear and panic among its citizens.

These mindless killings will increase insecurity among the population, especially for non-locals who have come to this country to provide a dignified living for their families. This cold blood cannot be justified and our heads should drop in shame. No words of sympathy can compensate for the loss their families have borne,” he said.

He said that the killing spree on innocent civilians was horrible and that every heart was weeping over such tragic events. Killing innocents in cold blood can’t be anything but brutal. These heinous acts should be punished with all severity,” he said. Chib referred to the civilian killings in unforgivable terms and called them mindless. The killing spree of innocent civilians is unbearable and unacceptable,” Chib said and urged the government to identify the killers for exemplary punishment.

The spurt in senseless killings of innocent civilians is unfortunate and heart-wrenching,” Chib said. May God rest the departed souls at his feet and give strength to the family members to bear this profound loss”, he added. Chib stated that the Government has failed in its duty to ensure safety, especially for vulnerable targets such as minorities, Jammu workers, and outside workers. Chib stated that selective killings were terrorist acts aimed at creating discord. He also said that Pakistan and her proxies responsible for these heinous killings must be held accountable.

He hoped that Kashmiri people would step forward to restore the Valley’s glory. The Valley has suffered a significant loss from the alien gun culture over three decades. He said, “the targeted killing spree has created havoc and absolute insecurity among the masses. “How long will this mindless bloodshed continue here, and what would the perpetrators achieve by killing innocent people?” he asked. He called on people to speak out against this bloodshed. He said, “Unless people unite to raise their voices against the civilian killings, these killings will not stop”.

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