“CITY OF TEMPLES” may be soooonn  converted … “CITY OF WINE SHOPS”: Gurmeet Singh

Gurmeet Singh President Beopar Mandal and District General Secretary Congress leads a strong protest against the AC administrative council decision who really wants to allow the sale of beer, RTD beverages in non- alcohol departmental stores, grocery shops, provision stores etc.

Mission statehood jammu kashmir holds a strong protest  against the LG Manoj Sinaha AC administrative council decision to open, sale of beer, RTD beverages in departmental stores, grocery, provision stores, in Jammu, Kashmir urban and Rural areas.

Addressing the protestors Gurmeet Singh president mission statehood strongly criticized and condemn the AC administrative council’s decision under the chairmanship of the advisor RR Bhatnagar, CS Arun kumar.

Gurmeet Singh said under the excuse of beer the departmental, provision stores; malls, grocery shops, karyana stores will also start selling the wine under the table and as we all are familiar with the fact that there in increase in the drug addictions post removal of JK statehood.

Gurmeet Singh  appealed the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narinder Modi and Hon’ble LG Manoj sinaha not to allow and pass the issue the reversal order immediately against this & as sale of beer on the departmental stores, grocery, provision stores, as the govt had already opened so many wine shops in jammu which are very close to our worship places, schools, colleges, educational Institutes etc., which we CLAMIED as the “CITY OF TEMPLES” and may be in near future termed to be ““CITY OF WINE SHOPS”.

He said if govt wants to collect, generate revenue, The Govt should re-start darbar move, due to which the traders will save their business and will generate revenue of the GST taxes of sale.

Gurmeet Singh  said the govt is opening the same stores in rural villages also with the permission of DCs, which will also spoil the atmosphere and upbringing of infants to youth of the rural areas.

Guumeet Singh  said the govt has already open so many wine shops forcibly, by using police and allowed outsider wine contractors to start liquor business near temples, schools, in every wards and made the own j&k wine traders jobless & out of business to most of the JK Liquor businessmen.

Gurmeet Singh alleged we have fifty thousand trained pharmacists, medical assistants, but the govt is not giving them jobs nor giving them chemist licenses to earn job, livelihood in return increase in unemployment .

He said the BJP Govt is making druggists by allowing the sale of beers, etc openly in jammu and Kashmir regions

He said the youths are unemployed, in tension, stress and they will become more drug-addicted.

Gurmeet Singh demands to re-start the darbar move, Closure of wine shops in the city of Temples Jammu and banning on sale of beer in jammu and Kashmir at RTD beverages in non- alcohol departmental stores, grocery shops, provision stores etc. in the vicinity of our worship places, schools, colleges, educational Institutes etc.

Gurmeet Singh warned the BJP led Govt and LG led administrators if these demands are not accepted a mass agitation may happen which may leads to hunger strike, to save the Unemployed Youth of Jammu and Kashmir.

Prominent among those who accompanied :- Gurmeet Singh President Beopar Mandal, include ward no 3, President Hardavinder Singh, Ranjit Singh, Rajinder Singh, Shami Sharma, Subash Kumar, Ishan kumar,  Sajad, , Vishal Kumar, Amarpreet Singh, Apu Singh, and beside others.

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