Daily Quordle #258 — tips and answers for October 9, Sunday

Quordle #258 is out. The answers are

If Quordle has a similar structure to Wordle but is a lot more complicated and complex, it’s not a problem to search for daily Quordle answers to game #258. The plural form of ‘answers’ is because Quordle offers four answers you can find daily.

Suppose you haven’t played the game before. It’s time to play because it’s four times the enjoyment of the word game that went viral. It’s also four times as challenging since you’re given only nine possibilities to discover the words in the quartet. (Sometimes, today’s Wordle answer is more complicated.

As with Wordle, it also resets every day, meaning that if you fail to play one game, it’s impossible to know the previous Quordle answer. If you don’t save this page, you’ll be able to check the current Quordle answers whenever you want, as I’ll be updating it every morning.

Beware: spoilers are in store for game #258. Only follow this link if you wish to find the current Quordle answers! Please don’t use this site to cheat or claim to other people that you’ve got it right even though you weren’t. It’s a waste of our efforts.


Before we dive into the current Quordle answers, we’ll offer some helpful tips to steer you to the right path. We’ll give you three initial clues and a big hint toward the end. After that, we’ll give you the solutions and keep our word.

Here are some first clues to follow:

  • Three vowels of the five are utilized. *
  • Three solutions start at the same point.
  • The answer begins with a vowel.

By vowel, we are referring to A, E, O, I U. Other letters can be considered vowels based on how they are employed.

Daily Quordle answers to game #258 can be pretty tricky. However, here’s a hint to help you get ahead in one: We think of the Quordle answers using this portion of our bodies.

Still, stuck? Let’s look for solutions.


What are the Quordle answers to game #258?

I’m not going to make you wait any longer – Here you go:

  • Earth

Daily Quordle solutions for Game #258 are unusual and a bit difficult. I felt fortunate to get 8-7-3-5 scores.

A well-planned strategy can help to make the most of your time, especially since Quordle can be a challenge on a good day.

I began by typing in my typical starting word: “CRANE. It has two vowels and a few common consonants, except the letter ‘C.’ I started working on the left-hand corner of the bottom quickly since I discovered the two letters in green and another in yellow.

My next attempt was ‘DRAIN,’ which offered me the highest number of alphabets in green apart from the first. I tried ‘BRAIN,’ and it was right!

Then I was able to turn my focus to the lower right-hand corner. There were three alphabets in yellow. I played around with the word “TAPER. I’m sure it suggested that ‘T’ was part of the word. I couldn’t come up with any words that had ‘E’ after ‘A,’ and also had all the letters of ‘R’ and” in them as well. Then I thought of words beginning with the letter ‘E..’ The only one I could think of was ‘EARTH,’ and I decided to try to find it. Voila! It was true.

It was now time to take a look at the upper right-hand box. This was an odd word that was difficult to solve. I put “B” in the right location, and I was aware that the word was composed of “T,” “A,” and the letter ‘E.’ The one word I could come up with was ‘BLEAT,’ but I knew that it might not be correct since that was the answer to the quordle of yesterday. I tried anyway to see if I could get it right.

I could tell the location of 4 of 5 letters, and after looking at the board, my next thought was ‘BEGAT’the past tense for the word BEGET. Phew. I was lucky enough to get this, exactly.

The bottom left square was left. I had the letters ‘B’ and two ‘E’s and was aware that the word contained an ‘L’ in one of the places. I looked over the board, and since there were only a few letters left, the word ‘BEVEL’ was my next attempt. It was, thankfully, right.

After that, I had all the answers. Hope you’ve all found a way to solve it as well.

Previous QUORDLE Answers

If you’re in search of an older list of Quordle answers, we’re also able to assist. This list goes back to the first 20 games.

  • The Quordle # 257 is AGENT SNAKY and BLEAT, FRILL
  • Qordle number 256: SLUNK, GOLEM, PAPER DIZZY
  • The Quordle #2555 is LARGE Stunk, NINNY, SLANT
  • The Quordle #253: LLAMA, OTTER, MUCKY EMBED
  • The Quordle #52 is AMEND GRAVY CHAMP, BOAST
  • #251 Quordle: HEDGE BeGIN, STUNG SPINY
  • The Quordle #225: BASIS, WAIVE, VAPOR, IRONY
  • The Quordle # 249 is PUBIC and ENNUI EXCEL, UNDUE
  • The Quordle # 247 is UNCLE, BEGUN, GROWN, SAFER
  • Quordle #245: EndOW, COVER, TWEET
  • The Quordle #2444 is DONUT GNASH SHYLY, RECUR, DONUT
  • Qordle #243 HAREM, GAILY, KNEAD, TRITE
  • The Quordle #42 SHALL, DWELL, CRUSH, WILLY
  • Quordle #241: ADEPT COMET, PLEAD
  • Quordle #240 UNITY, GLOOM, TROP, LEMUR
  • The Quordle # 239 is LOFTY, FEIGN, CHEST, THE
  • The Quordle #238 is ARTSY UNID AMEND

What else should I know about Quorle?

Quordle is among the numerous Wordle cousins to have emerged following Wordle’s enormous success. It’s the same game. However, you can play four variations of it at once and get nine chances to determine the possible answers.

The letters behave the same way they behave in Wordle, changing color if they’re in the correct place, the correct word is in the wrong place, or are not part of the correct answer.

Another nice feature is that even though just one daily puzzle is set, A practice mode is available. You may require it since it’s pretty challenging.

If Quordle isn’t for you, you may like something from our list of the top Wordle alternatives; however, if you’re looking for an even more challenging test, we’d suggest Squabble or Octordle.

Additionally, we love the brand new Heardle, which is emulative of Wordle used for music, the geography-focused Wordle duplicate Worldle, the sword, the Star Wars-themed SWordle, and the math-focused Mathler, as well as others.

However, the original is the most popular, so check out our list of the most popular Wordle beginning words and look at the current Wordle answer even if you’re not allowed to play.

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