Dimple demanded the PM statement in parliament, to start a surgical strike on Pakistan, POK to stop terrorism in J&K

Sunil Dimple president of mission statehood led a massive Anti Pakistan, LET, TRF protest rally on Janipur high court road, against the suspicious blast in Sidhra by pas road, constant warnings by the Laskery Toeba, Let, TRF warning of selected, targeted killings to employees.

Addressing the protest rally Sunil Dimple demands PM Modi statement on the floor of the ongoing parliament session. On the target killings, announce the vision document of the BJP govt for the libration of Pok, Gilgit Baltistan.

Dimple also demanded the prime minister to bring a bill in the parliament for the restoration of J &k state and implementation of the conditions of the instrument of accession signed by Maharaja Harisingh Ji.

He said the PM, and HM union ministers visiting j&k next month and before visiting should give a befitting reply to Pakistan and announce the restoration of the j&k Statehood, and special status back with the unification of Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir regions along with POK.

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He alleged now there is no article 370, then why targeted killings?

Dimple said all the tall claims of the BJP of peace, and normalcy development proved a bundle of lies.

He said target killings, grenade attacks on security, and ammunition catches proved that BJP policies have failed in the Jammu Kashmir situation.

Dimple appealed to all the communities Hindu, Muslim and Sikh to unite and fight the war started by Pakistan militancy united.

Sunil Dimple prime minister Narender Modi to start a war with Pakistan and liberate the POK, Gilgit, Baltistan.

Dimple said the BJP govt should disclose its road map of peace and normalcy in Jammu Kashmir and also the govt should clear its stand against Pakistan and the libration of POK.

Dimple said the situation is more bad than in 1990 in J&K, the PM package employees and jammu-based employees have migrated from Valley due to terrorism.

The prominent leaders are Ashok Khana, Dev Raj, Raju Kumar, Vipan Mahajan, Jetinder Gupta, Kewal Kumar, Rakesh Sharma, Vicky, Aslam, Akbar Khan, Amir Khan and many others.

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