Dimple joins protest, extends full support to Yuva Rajput Sabha, threatens indefinite jammu band for the holiday of Mahraja ji

Sunil Dimple, president of Mission Statehood, sat on protest, dhrna, and demonstrations at Tawi Bridge under the Hari Singh Ji Statue with the office bearers and leaders of the Yuva Rajput sabha. In support of the demand for a holiday on September 23, the birth anniversary of Mahraja Hari Singh ji.

Protestors raised slogans LG goes back, LG goes back.

At every step, Sunil Dimple extended full support to the Yuva Rajput sabha and threatened indefinite agitation for the holiday to save the identity, history, and demography of the J& K Princely Dogra J & K State.

He said if the need arises for the “Jammu band”, we will go for an indefinite Jammu band for the holiday of Mahraja ji to save the history of our Jammu Kashmir state.

He condemned the arrest of Rajput sabha leaders and warned that similar actions by the LG government could exacerbate the situation.

Dimple alleged the BJP demolished the J & K Dogra princely state, abrogated special status, 370 and PRC state subject of Maharaja Ji.

He alleged the BJP has adopted criminal silence and is now settling outsiders’ voters in Jammu and Kashmir to change the demography of Maharaja Hari Singh Ji’s state.

Dimple demanded the resignation of LG Manoj Sinha as he has failed to fulfil all his promises made for the declaration holiday on January 10 with the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Dimple claimed that the J&K government is arresting and harassing dogras in order to silence their voices.This agitation will not stop now.

Dimple demanded resignation as LG has failed to live up to the expectations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and is only implementing the BJP agenda.

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