Doctor G Review: A Gynaecologist Appointment You Can’t-Miss

Doctor G stars Ayushmann Khurana, Dr. Uday Gupta, and Shefali Shah, Dr. Nandini Srivastav’s mother. Rakul Preet Sing is Dr. Fatima Siddiqui, Indraneil Sengupta plays Dr. Ashok, and Sheeba Choddha is Lakshmi Devi Gupta. Anubhuti Kashyap directed the film. Sourabh Bharat and Vishal Wahagh wrote the story. Sumit Saxena (dialogues), Saurabh Bharat, Vishal Wagg, and Anubhuti Kashyap wrote the screenplay. It runs for 124 minutes.

Eeshit Naarian did the cinematography, and Prerna Saigal edited it. The background music was composed by Ketan Sodha, Amjad Nadeem Aamir, Sultan Sulemani, and Ketan Trivedi. The synopsis says, “A comedy-drama on a medical campus, Doctor G is about Dr. Uday Gupta’s hilarious struggles to specialize in Orthopaedic but is stuck in an all-female class of Gynaecology.” Will he make a change in his department, or will the department make a change in him?

Movie Review: Doctor G Contains Mild SPOILERS

Uday Gupta is a doctoral student who wants to study orthopedics like his mentor Ashok. Uday isn’t able to get enough marks and must choose gynecology. Uday doesn’t like studying gynecology because he thinks he can’t treat what he doesn’t have. Uday’s professor is Dr. Nandini, a dynamic who calls him out for being disinterested in the field. She advises him to let go of his male touch to be a reliable male gynecologist.

Is Uday Gupta able to continue in the department of Gyno? We will find out the outcome.

Uday Gupta’s introduction shows his prejudiced view of what men and women should be doing. He complains about the inequalities of story gyno and forcibly chooses to go there. The makers showed him a scene in which the girls bullied him on his first day. This adds to his constant ranting and makes him look like a victim.

Kashyap also called out Uday for his bad behavior to make up for Uday’s whining. His classmates cheer him on when Uday saves the life of a pregnant lady and delivers her child safely. Nandini asks them why they celebrate their work as doctors.

In the next scene, Uday is named by the lady. This cancels the discussion about male gynos being as reliable as female gymnasts. Gupta gets special treatment, I wondered.

Another issue with doctor G was the incidents that led Uday to change his mind. Rakul’s Fatima, one of his classmates, tried to motivate him initially. Understandably, some people might feel discouraged about being in a field they don’t like. Even if they decide to stay, all efforts should be made from within. Nandini tells Uday that he wants to lose his male touch. Uday is confused. He might try to understand Nanindi’s meaning, but it is impossible to expect too much.

Uday values the field in which he works. The first half ends with Uday appreciating it. The second half is a much more complex story. The story’s second half is about a young girl’s suffering. Uday loses his male touch at the cost of the girls’ lives. The story’s main character, Uday, cannot learn or change anything.

The story is superficial and does not provide a solution to the “issue” it attempts to address. Uday Gupta, who is narrow-minded and stubborn, looks up to the wrong people to inspire him. His character entirely depends on the women around to teach him right and wrong. Unfortunately, the story’s ending shows that a mature man uses his brain only after the film ends.

Although the movie is filled with many issues, Sheeba Chadda, as Uday’s mom, manages to make the film a lot of fun; we’ve seen Ayushmann Khurrana address social problems in many movies. His performance is solid but repetitive. Shefali Shah’s Nandini was a great choice. Rakul Preet Sing is again wasted in this 2022 movie. Rakul and Ayushmann are forced to be together, which is awkwardly more than romantic.

Doctor G Review: Final Thoughts

A doctor does not do justice to the issues he attempts to address. Although the performances are excellent, the music is not great. The second half is a crime thriller that feels disconnected from the main topic. Because it has nothing to tell, skipping the gynecologist appointment is okay.

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