‘Education Deptt on ventilator’. Whimsical transfers, staff deficiency has rendered remote area schools defunct: Harsh Dev

Jammu, 24-06-2022: “Centralization of powers of transfers and postings of teaching staff by the administrative Deptt, whimsical transfers, favouritism, nepotism, corruption and violation of norms have brought the Education Deptt on the brink of breakdown.

While the Directors of School Education and CEOs of all districts have been divested of powers of transfers and adjustments of all teaching staff right from Teachers to Masters and Lecturers, the Principal Secretary has assumed all such powers to himself thereby making a mockery of the powers decentralization policy that remained in vogue for the last more than seven decades.

Having hardly any idea about the ground situation, the transfer orders were being issued from the secretariat most clandestinely without having any regard for the requirements of the educational institutions or in the interests of the deptt. Personal interests seemed to be getting precedence over the pupils’ interests thereby causing immense damage to the academic activity, particularly in the rural area schools.

Several remote area schools had become defunct due to extreme paucity of staff with the concerned CEOs and DSEs expressing helplessness in the wake of the withdrawal of powers from them. Whatever be the reason, the fact remains that the Education Deptt has gone to dogs with urban area schools flooded due to prime postings and attachments and rural area schools deprived of even minimum needed staff thereby completely jeopardizing the careers of rural poor students”. This was stated by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Former Education Minister and senior AAP leader.

Pointing toward the staff position in some of the schools in Chenani zone, Dudu zone, Ghordi zone etc, Mr. Singh disclosed that in HSS Basantgarh 13 posts are unfilled; in HSS Dhanas (Chenani) 15 posts are vacant; HS Ponara 7 posts vacant; HSS Khaned 13 posts vacant; HS Balota upper 7 posts vacant; MS Pattangarh and MS Bhugtarian have only two teachers each; HS Parla Chapper 12 posts vacant; PS Khanstali, PS Kautri and PS Nag-Chowki have one teacher each; MS Gharian Kalan 3 posts vacant; MS Kulsar 3 posts vacant and so on.

He said that during his tenure as Education Minister a minimum of 25 posts were provided in each HSS, 10 in HS, 6 in Middle schools and three in every Primary school. And rather than providing the requisite staff in such staff deficient schools, the Administrative Deptt vide its ATD order issued yesterday has further withdrawn 6 teachers from HSS Sudh Mahadev; 4 teachers from HS Basht; 8 teachers from HS Pachote; 4 teachers from HS Naugalta and strongly.

HS Mada is left with one teacher only. Flaying the Education Deptt for its criminal apathy towards rural education, Mr. Singh urged the Lt. Governor to undertake a complete overhauling of the corruption-plagued deptt and take appropriate measures to streamline it and restore its credibility.

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