The New Elden Ring Patch nerfs Endure Ash Of War and attempts to fix Inescapable Frenzy…again

The Elden Ring has been updated. This patch aims to correct several issues in the game, which were limiting PvP content. What are the targets? The targets?

Patch 1.07. is now available. Players need to restart the game and download the update to get the fixes. It’s a sad time for Endure users, but it’s excellent news for everyone.

What is the real story behind Ash of War Endure and its origins? As of patch 1.07, you can cast it for an extended window of attack invulnerability. This was an already powerful patch, but the 1.07 patch increased its duration to 3 seconds, which is more than enough time to heal you or use unpunishable attacks. It also removed blood loss and freeze effects options, making it unstoppable.

People were taking to PvP and creating havoc. You can easily withstand any attack and keep fights one-sided with three seconds of attack vulnerability. This was a quick fix, and I’m grateful for it.

This patch also saw the Inescapable Frenzy get a makeover. While it hasn’t had nearly as much impact on meta lately, it is still a powerful enchantment with a history of being completely OP and causing devastating nerfs. It scaled with your primary weapon’s crit modifier, so you could use it to slap on a good knife and one-shot people. Players discovered that you could two-hand Frenzied Flame seals in your off-hand to achieve a similar effect.

This time, the nerf is not intended to prevent anything as dramatic. It’s meant to fix the FP reduction so you keep the amount you wanted. However, it’s fascinating how painful this spell has been over the past patches. It’s hard to believe that a grab could cause such a problem.

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