A Look-The Flash Brings Back Batwoman Star as a Deadly, Gender-Swapped Villain

The Flash television show returns Batwoman with the help of Javicia Leslie in a gender-swapped version of a savage Batman version of DC Comics.

The Flash is back! The Batwoman star Javicia Leslie plays the role of The Arrowverse’s Red Death.

The filming process is in progress for season nine and last season of The Flash, as images of the set have surfaced on Canadagraphs (via Twitter) featuring this show’s Red Death costume, with Leslie as the person who appears in the mask. Red Death was name-dropped earlier in the show but is now set to be the next speedster to be evil which Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) confronts. However, the idea of bringing back Leslie hints that the show could be changing the villain’s background as it is a part of DC Comics.

Red Death was introduced during the 2017 edition of Dark Nights Metal. The character’s first appearance was as a character Dark Days The Casting #1. The idea was conceived by the writers Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, The origin of the speedster, was discussed in Batman: The Red Death one-shot. Batman: The Red Death one-shot written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Carmine Giandomenico.

The villain comes from the Dark Multiverse, specifically Earth 52. In this universe, Batman (Bruce Wayne) was furious with Flash (Barry Allen) and became angry with Flash (Barry Allen) and put him in the front of an altered Batmobile and forced them into the Speed Force to steal the Flash’s speed. This brought the two heroes together to form “the” Red Death, where Bruce’s mind was at the helm, and Barry’s was locked in their body. Barry was forced to watch as Bruce raced across the world and killed all his foes.

Red Death was previously confirmed to have existed within the Arrowverse’s timeline. In The Flash episode “Memorabilia,” Barry and Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) get a glimpse of the future to find out something about Cicada, Season 5’s main antagonist. The Flash Museum. Flash Museum the Flash Museum, a voice recording made of David Singh (Patrick Sabongui), tells them they are told that “Cicada killed more people than Zoom or even the Red Death.”

Based on Leslie’s return, it’s possible that Red Death could be a variant of the character similar to the comics. It could be an alternate version that is the character of Leslie’s Ryan Wilder in place of Bruce Wayne, or the villain could be an evil form of Wilder from a different world. Leslie returns to the Arrowverse after Batwoman‘s cancellation at the end of April 2022 following three seasons. Leslie played a role in Batwoman‘s last two seasons, taking over Ruby Rose after the actor left the show following her performance as Batwoman Kate Kane in Season 1.

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