Lalded Women Welfare Society staged nukkad play named ‘Fraud’

Lalded Women Welfare Society (Regd) staged the nukkad (corner) play ‘Fraud’ today at Jammu as a part of the Saturday, 29-Oct-2022 series in the presence impressive gathering, including eminent citizens of the area.

The Play Is Written by Surya Naryan and Directed by Naveen Pal.

Nukkad Play: Through the play, nukkad. We want to say that today people are committing fraud; once a person, namely Sham, whose son is unemployed, is very serious about his job. He thought that if his son got a job, his future would be bright. He tells his problem to his friend that his son is unemployed.

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His friend told him that don’t worry about his son’s job. I will arrange a job for your son. Sham is now pleased that his son will get a job. Then his friend asks him if the job will be to get to his son, but some money will be required. Sham didn’t say anything. A few minutes later, he said I was ready to give money for my son’s job.

Then his friend sends his son for a job in a company. The next day when his son went to the company, There was no vacancy for him; he also said the reference, but the company said they didn’t know anything about his father’s friend, so he didn’t get any job in the company. He came back home and told me everything.

When sham goes to his friend, his friend disagrees that he has taken any money from Sham for his son’s job. Then Sham came back to his home and sit silently. After sometimes he said to his wife and son. That his friend is a cheater, he had committed fraud with him. 

Message: So, never give any money to anyone for any job.

The performance was played by Ganesh Dutt, Ashok Sharma, Varun Sharma, Sanyam, and Neevan Pal & Directed by Naveen pal; the actor and director enacted various characters during this performance.

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