Glitch Season 1, K-Drama Preview Release Date, Times and Where To Watch

The Glitch Season 1

Glitch is a South Korean TV series. It is a science-fiction show that follows the tale of Hong Ji-Hyo’s four-year-old boyfriend suddenly disappearing from the Earth. While looking for the missing man, she comes across a mystery and is entangled in a network of UFO-watchers. It turns out that several people have gone missing in places where errors in electronic devices occurred.

Expect crazy theories of conspiracy, aliens who might or might not be real and two young ladies who lead the way.

Jeon Yeobeen, the leading female lady in Vincenzo, portrays the character Hong Ji-Hyo. Nana, an actress and singer-actress, is Heo Bo-ra. She is a twitch streamer. Additional supporting parts are performed by Lee Dong-hwi as well as Ryu Kyung-soo.

Here’s everything you should know about the Glitch release, the release date and the best place you can catch it.

Where can I watch Glitch?

Glitch is a streaming TV show that will be accessible to stream on Netflix worldwide. Expect subtitles to drop after the release date and to, in typical Netflix Original fashion, be available in many different languages as well.

The Glitch Season 1 release date

The Glitch Season 1 will be released on October 7th, 2017, around 8 am (GMT), 1 am (PT), 1.30 pm (IST) 1.30 pm (IST). You can stream all episodes on Netflix starting at this time.

Is Glitch coming out weekly?

There’s no need to wait for one or two weekly episodes! The entire series is released in a single package, making Glitch the perfect K-drama for binge-watching.

How many episodes will Glitch Last?

The Glitch will include 10 episodes, with each of them lasting around 60 minutes in length. As mentioned above, you can also expect subtitles made available by release.

Does There Exist A Glitch Trailer?

It’s true; Netflix has released a trailer, which you can watch here:

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