Godzilla Fest Gigan Attack Film’s Kaiju-battling Trailer Reveals Release Date

The short film that is scheduled for release, Godzilla Fest Gigan Attack, drops an exciting trailer showing the two kaiju fighting each other and reveals that it will release in November.

A brand-new trailer for the movie Godzilla Fest Gigan Attack has been released, revealing the film will debut in November. 3 -3 – Godzilla Day!

Godzilla Gigan Attack Fest Gigan Attack celebrates the 50th anniversary of the original feature-length film. Kazuhiro Nakagawa, the director who directed Godzilla Vs Hedorah, directed the Live-action film. Godzilla Fest Gigan Attack will be released in November. 3 Godzilla Day, at Godzilla Fest 2022. It will be the first time a festival has several original films.

The Film’s Budget Was Crowdfunded

In April 2022 and 2022, Gigan 50th Anniversary Special Project was launched in April. Gigan 50th Anniversary Special Project was found via the Japanese crowdfunding website Ubgoe to raise funds to finance the film’s production and create an exact duplicate Gigan costume. The target was Y=15 million, which was to be presented by May 31, 2022. This is equivalent to just under $100,000 at an exchange rate of today.

However, the project could not meet its goal of achieving Y=11million, which is around $75,000, thanks to 624 contributors. Despite the setbacks, the filming continued, which led to Godzilla Fest Gigan Attack filming mostly indoors on Toho Studios’ 6th sound stage. The film was shot in September. 27th, 2022 and it was completed on September 29. The film was completed on October 1.

They shot all the outdoor shots needed to wrap up the film. Apart from the cost of production, the money collected also helped fund an earlier Showa Gigan suit replica that experienced Godzilla costume designer Shinichi Wakasa designed and sculpted. It’s believed that the Godzilla suit was a costume for stunts Wakasa designed in preparation for Godzilla Final Wars.

The first film Godzilla Vs. Gigan, also called Godzilla at Monster Island in the United States, debuted in 1972 in Japan and later in the year 1977 in America. It’s the 12th instalment of the Godzilla and Showa series. This film is the first to introduce one of Godzilla’s most famous enemies: the villainous alien Cyborg Gigan.

The film also marks its return to King Ghidorah and Anguirus following the destruction of All Monsters. The story is about a struggling manga artist, Gengo Odaka, who discovers his job at World Children’s Land. But, the theme park is merely an official representation of M Space Hunter Nebula aliens.

Odaka is a part of Machiko Shima and her partner Shosaku Takasugi. They also recognize aliens’ true nature as cockroaches with a conscious nature, and the team tries to stop the Nebulan’s plan to take over the Earth. They are Nebulans who summon Gigan and King Ghidorah to take over humanity. However for them, Godzilla and Anguirus head to Tokyo to fight the creatures of space before they take over the Earth.

Godzilla Gigan Fest Attack will premiere on November 3 at Godzilla Fest 2022.

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