Harley Quinn proved that Superman’s glasses disguise works

Although glasses may not seem like the best disguise for Superman’s face, Harley Quinn demonstrated that they are helpful when hiding from the public.

The Superman debate was finally over when Harley Quinn proved that the classic disguise of the hero works. Harley discovered how proper a pair of glasses is when hiding in plain sight.

Superman is an alien that protects Earth from the yellow rays. However, the most controversial aspect of his character is his Clark Kent identity. Superman can fool the entire world with his Clark Kent disguise. It’s a common topic of debate among real-world fans, even though it’s not often brought up in the universe. It seems too easy that a pair of glasses could fool Clark’s closest friends or associates.

However, Superman doesn’t have to wear glasses and pretend to be someone else. Gotham’s most notorious troublemaker was discovered while on a trip to DC. Harley Quinn #14 is a story by Terry Dodson and Karl Kesel. The eponymous character and PoisonIvy take a journey into Superman’s Metropolis. Harley creates an alter ego after she crashes into the apartment of a deceased spinster. Harley Quinn, who wears glasses and has a snarky southern accent, becomes Holly Chance. She meets Jimmy Olsen and decides it would be fun to take a job at the Daily Planet. Lois learns from Jimmy that the police are seeking Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn proved that Superman's glasses disguise works

Although Harley’s look is slightly more complicated than Superman’s Clark Kent glasses, it’s still recognizable. In Metropolis, Harley is more easily recognized than most people. But she is still a convicted criminal, and her mugshot is almost certainly public. However, no one notices that Holly Chance, the southernmost of the Metropolis villains, is Holly Chance. Although she isn’t a perfect example of the trope, Harley’s dedication to the role proves that Superman’s trick works.

Many assume that Superman only wears reading glasses to conceal his secret identity. Superman’s clumsiness, reserved shyness, and vulnerability are part of his Clark Kent identity. It’s about character work to get people to buy into the act. When Harley Quinn tried to convince others she was Holly Chance; she performed with the power of a thousand southern belles. Although it may seem daunting, your commitment is the real key to success. The glasses are just an additional layer of protection. Superman didn’t need her confirmation. Harley Quinn demonstrated that glasses could help protect one’s secret identity from being revealed to others.

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