Health Department Kandi celebrated World Pneumonia Day along with School Health Day

World Pneumonia Day is celebrated every year on November 12 to raise awareness about Pneumonia. In addition to School Health Day at Govt Middle School Mandirgala, an event was organized at CHC Kandi on the directions of Director Health Services Jammu, Dr. Saleem Ur Rahman, and CMO Rajouri, Dr. Hamid Zargar.

Infections caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi cause Pneumonia. The theme for this year is based on the Worldwide Pneumonia Awareness Campaign – “Pneumolight 2022”, with the slogan “Pneumonia Affects Everyone.”

Speaking at the event, Dr. Iqbal Malik, BMO Kandi, said that the symptoms of Pneumonia range from mild to severe. It includes fever, cough, which may be dry or produce a thick yellow, green, brown, blood-stained mucus, difficulty breathing, shivering, loss of appetite, lethargy, blood in the sputum, chest pain, etc.

Mohd Ayoub Lone, Community Health Officer Kandi, said that the prevention of this disease is possible through maintaining hygiene, covering the mouth and nose with a mask, frequent washing of hands, and vaccines related to the flu.

Dr. Iqbal Malik further said that in case of any such symptoms, the patient should consult a doctor for proper treatment and not rely on self-medication.
Meanwhile, complete Health and Screening services are provided every Saturday during School Health Day and awareness.

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