How Did Laenor Velaryon Die? Why Did Laena Velaryon Die?

How Did Laenor Velaryon Die? The HBO series “Game of Thrones” was criticized for portraying sexual assault throughout the eight seasons. Even though it had record-breaking ratings and a lot of hype, the show never really did its female leads justice. The new HBO series “House of the Dragon” that debuted at the end of August promised to be fresh. One of the queens passed away; however, how and the reason. Find out how Laenor Velaryon die. Continue reading.

House Of The Dragon

The sixth episode of House of the Dragon added to the drama while showing the relationship between Daemon Targaryen and Laena Velaryon. They were married in the ten-year gap in episode 5. The episode allowed us to witness the dynamics between the two characters. Daemon felt he wasn’t welcome in any place, and Laena attempted to remind him how fantastic a man he had always been. But, in the end, Laena took her own life due to her struggle with the birth of her child. So, Why Did Laena Velaryon Die?

How Did Laenor Velaryon Die?

How Did Laenor Velaryon Die?

As per all reports, Laenor Velaryon was stabbed to death by his love, Ser Qarl Correy, when he attended an event at Spicetown in Driftmark. Both men were fighting in public prior. Great Maester Mellos claims the fact that Laenor was killed during a dispute with a knight from the household. However, Septon Eustace asserts that it was a scuffle between lovers because Laenor had disregarded Correy to favor a young, attractive person who had attracted his attention.

Daemon Targaryen had bribed Qarl Correy to kill Laenor, who was killed, and Correy flew to a boat. Daemon was waiting for him, and there Daemon cut off his throat and dumped his body in the sea. Correy was well-known for his extravagant spending, with lord’s taste but with a knight’s purse, and was also inclined to gambling, which meant that bribery might have taken place. However, no evidence of Daemon’s involvement could ever be found.

Why Did Laena Velaryon Die?

The way Laena died is contrary to how Queen Aemma passed away since she was in control of her death, whereas Queen Aemma could not influence how she died. In contrast, Laena was alone in the world along with her children and husband; however, she was able to be able to die according to her wishes instead of allowing someone else to dictate her death. Laena Velaryon took her own life because she wanted to die as a dragon rider. She struggled with her struggles during that time, and the only option to let her child emerge was by the knife. In this regard, she was bound to die in any way, and she chose to die in her way.

How Did Laena Velaryon Die?

Laena was struggling to have her third child, a boy named Daemon. She did all she could to push the baby out of her womb like the doctors were present. But they were forced to take the child out of her womb with the help of a knife. However, the master informed Daemon that Laena would die, and there was no way to ensure that the child would be able to survive. Laena was struggling to have her third child in the presence of Daemon.

She tried everything she could to get the baby to leave her womb like the masters who were present. However, they were forced to remove the baby from her womb using the help of a knife. However, the master informed Daemon that Laena would die, and there was no assurance that the child would live.

Laena’s fate had already been decided at this moment at the time of her existence. She could not have a natural birth meant the baby was likely to die. If Daemon decided to take the baby from her womb, she could be stricken by blood loss since there was no assurance that the child would be able to survive.

Laena, always the proud dragon rider, decided to end her life on her terms. She once admitted to Daemon that she would like to be a dragon rider and was happy about her lifestyle and self-esteem. But, Laena realized she wasn’t Daemon’s first choice. She was Viserys’s choice the first.

Laena passed away after directing her dragon to consume her, which was a fitting end for an experienced dragon rider. She might have left her two daughters; however, they knew that she would die regardless.

Who dies in the 6th episode of House of Dragon?

In a Game of Thrones series, there’s always the chance of significant deaths occurring around every corner. The current House of the Dragon episode is no different, mainly due to the many changes brought about by the jump in time. Like the majority of episodes, Rhaenyra and Alicent are secured. For the first time in a while, Viserys appears to be secure, even though the previous episode ended in a cliffhanger that implied that he was dead.

But, based on the date the episode occurs on the Fire & Blood timeline, Laenor and Laena Velaryon could be at risk this week. Laenor Velaryon died 10 years after her marriage to Rhaenyra, and Laena passed away the year she lost her brother. The time leap of 10 years suggests that the events may happen soon. But, the show has shown that it can modify the source material, meaning the timing of the deaths may shift, or characters’ fates could be completely altered.

How Did Laenor Velaryon Die-FAQs

1. Why Does Laena die?

Laena dies just after giving birth to the stillborn baby boy, collapsing while she’s attempting to ride Vhagar one final time.

2. When Did Laena Velaryon die?

Leena passed away in 120AC.

3. How did Lucerys Velaryon die?

The princes Lucerys, along with Arrax, were killed by prince Aemond Targaryen, and Vhagar, as depicted by Chase Stone in The World of Ice & Fire.

4. What number of wives did Daemon Targaryen have?

Prince Daemon Targaryen was married to Lady Rhea Royce from 97 AC to 115 AC, Lady Laena Velaryon from 120 AC to 115 AC, and then princess Rhaenyra Targaryen from the 120AC to 130 AC.

5. Does the daemon love Rhaenyra?

In episode 4 of House of the Dragon, Daemon is close to Rhaenyra after visiting the brothel. The show reveals that there’s any romantic relationship between the two. Daemon uses Rhaenyra to gain her position, and because he is the first male to fall in love with her guarantees that no one else would ever want to marry her.

6. Who is Rhaena Targaryen get married to?

Later in life, Rhaena married Garmund Hightower, her younger brother Lord Lyonel Hightower. Through him, they had six children.

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