How To Find The Original Actor’s Cameos in The Munsters Movie

A pair of original cast members on The Munsters sitcom return for brief appearances in Rob Zombie’s prequel film. Here’s how to locate the two actors.

Rob Zombie’s The Munsters film features two of the principal characters of the sitcom’s original cast to play appearances that are not obvious – here’s how you can spot the two. The Munsters (2022) follows the characters from Transylvania, a host of familiar faces, and new characters that join the Munster clan in their hilarious love story. As new actors portray Herman, Lily, and The Count (a.k.a Grandpa), Zombie’s The Munsters prequel is a tribute to original characters with funny comedic moments.

In the time since when The Munsters The initial sitcom ran from 1964 to 1966, and The majority of its cast is no more. Herman Munster actor Fred Gwynne, Lily Munster actress Yvonne De Carlo and actor Grandpa Al Lewis all passed away in the last 15 years in 1964. Beverley Owen was the very first Marilyn Munster actress Beverley Owen died in the year 2019. In the end, Rob Zombie successfully attracted Butch Patrick and Pat Priest, two of the remaining leading performers of the Munsters, to join The Munsters in new roles.

Although the two Butch Patrick and Pat Priest are members of the cast of Rob Zombie’s controversial Munsters film actors, neither has a physical presence on the screen since they’re both featured only in the role of voice actors. Patrick has played Herman and Lily’s werewolf-son Eddie Munster and voices the Tin Can Man in Rob Zombie’s film.

The character, a robotic one from the original sitcom, weds Herman with Lily in the movie The Munsters (2022), and Patrick’s voice is used as the officiant. Pat Priest, the second actress who played Lily’s human cousin Marilyn Munster, makes a voice appearance in the role of Transylvania Airlines Announcer. Her appearance can be heard after The Munsters film, in which Lily, Herman, and The Count travel with The Count on Transylvania flight 666 towards Los Angeles.

Why Eddie & Marilyn Weren’t In Rob Zombie’s Munsters Movie

How To Find The Original Actor's Cameos in The Munsters Movie

Although Eddie and Marilyn Munster’s first cast members are in the film, their characters are not present in Rob Zombie’s prequel. It’s for a reason since the movie The Munsters (2022) is intended as the family’s story of origin, which focuses on the way Lily and Herman came across and became lovers. So, their daughter Eddie Munster likely won’t be there for much longer. “The Munsters show on TV revealed that Marilyn was a member of Lily Herman and Lily Herman since she was a newborn and suggested that she’ll be moving away from Transylvania to America within a short time after the end of the prequel.

There’s no word from the official on the possibility that Director Rob Zombie will be making another sequel to his movie that is classified as PG. Film The Munsters film, however, a sequel film may finally look at the period when Marilyn first arrives in 1313 Mockingbird Lane, and Eddie is born. A sequel might also uncover the mystery surrounding Marilyn’s parents, who are mysteriously absent from Lily Herman’s wedding. The Munsters sitcom left a lot of the story of the characters not revealed, giving Rob Zombie ample room to investigate the family’s mysterious past in other movies.

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