Hume Raises $11.7M in Funding

Hume is a Los Angeles, CA-based web3 entertainment company that pioneered music from the Metaverse and raised $11.7M as Series A financing.

This round was co-led by TCG Crypto, with participation from Collab+Currency, Winklevoss Capital, Gemini Frontier Fund, Gmoney, Flamingo DAO, Noise DAO, LAO DAO, Distributed Global, Rahilla Zafar, Evan Bogart, and Cooper Turley.

The company plans to use the money to create an online roster of meta star artists, create a fan-to “meta star” interaction platform, and expand its engineers, musicians, and creative marketing and business teams.

In the co-founding of David Beiner and Jay Stolar, company is a Web3 entertainment company that operates in the Metaverse. Hume’s approach to community building combines digital identity, music, and storytelling to create virtual artists, also known as “meta starts,” who are just as inspired by us as their work.

Hume’s megastars are created in-house with a team’s support for their projects’ success, including producers, writers, storytellers, animators, promoters, vocalists, and publicists. It was in the year 2021 that Hume launched the first metastar in the world. A Web3-based artist and a Fluf World angel baby is an entirely new kind of virtual artist designed specifically for Metaverse. Angel baby debuted their first single, “NFT,” and performed at Art Basel, FLUF Haus LA, and SXSW. Angelbaby’s NFTs and their music have climbed to the top spot on OpenSea, the streaming platform for web3 Audius and the Flufworld scene and sound collection.

At Hume, fans are granted direct access to the artist’s music curation, as they are involved in the story. The process will take place in their soon-to-launch platform “The Spot” and is possible by their Hume Genesis NFT, allowing users to influence metastars’ choices by casting votes for single albums, merchandise, and other items.

Hume recently released the initial NFT collection, the Hume Genesis collection, which is now available to OpenSea. The collection is limited to 1035 tokens spread over three levels of rareness; the NFTs grant holders different levels of power that allow them to influence the music and lives of the upcoming meta-stars.

The company employs a global team across Brazil, California, France, and Argentina.

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