A person having moral values can lead better in every field of work and education. Still, the condition is opposite these days because most work organizations lack interpersonal skills in their workers. This essay aims to highlight the prime causes behind this and the possible measures to solve it.


Two commence with the prime factors responsible for this issue is the sense of competition. To elaborate, in the modern era, the school teaches children how to compete with others and how to win rather than cooperate, which leads to a lack of basic skills. Students don’t want to share their study material or knowledge with others because they want to win over others, resulting in selfishness.

The other reason is the single-child family structure. In other words, nowadays, everyone’s preference to have a single child result in a lack of sense of sharing and caring. Children don’t have siblings with whom they can share toys, stationery, and food. As a result, they don’t care about anyone’s feelings.

IMPORTANCE OF MORAL VALUES: The parents also tell them to do brilliant work rather than do something with honesty, which may affect their sense of humanity, and they have to face difficulties cooperating in their work.

To overcome this issue, parents can consider several measures. The most viable step that education authorities can take is to teach students about social skills and cooperation. The schools must organize the group.

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