In Netflix’s Midnight Club Holds Record For The Most Jumpscares In One Episode

As part of the Midnight Club’s New York Comic Con panel, Netflix reveals that the show has the record for having the highest number of jump scares in one episode.

The Midnight Club‘s 2022 New York Comic Con panel revealed that the program has the Guinness World Record for the highest number of jump scares in a single episode. “The Midnight Club, Mike Flanagan’s most recent horror film, is scheduled to debut on Netflix. The film marks the latest instalment in the rapidly being referred to the name of Flanagan’s universe.

Flanagan is the writer of four horror films on Netflix. The series includes The Haunting of Bly ManorThe Haunting of Hill HouseMidnight Mass, and The Midnight Club. Although their stories of his aren’t linked, however, they have a similar design and style, and they’ve even employed the same actors and themes across the series.

The Midnight Club is an adaption of Christopher Pike’s novel of the same name. The story centres around eight hospice sufferers who meet to tell horror stories at midnight each night. The club, however, quickly begins to witness strange supernatural events.

Iman Benson Adia, Igby Rigney, Ruth Codd, Aya Furukawa, Annarah Shephard, William Chris Sumpter, and Sauriyan Sapkota play the Midnight Club‘s eight titular characters. While some viewers are used to Flanagan’s kind of horror style, it appears that The Midnight Club will go against his usual conventions.

In The Midnight ClubNYCC panel, It was made clear that the show holds the record for the highest number of jump scares in a single episode. The initial episode of The Midnight Club boasts a whopping 21 jump scares. A Guinness World Record keeper confirmed this was a record for jump scares in one show. It’s fascinating that Flanagan has been renowned for his dislike of jump scares and his inability to use the thrills to scare viewers.

How scary could the Midnight Club Be?

With the announcement that Flanagan’s The Midnight Club will set a new record for the highest number of jump scares in one episode, viewers will likely be concerned about how terrifying the show will be. It’s unclear who holds previous records of having the highest number of jump scares in a single episode. For comparison, the record for the highest number of jump scares in the same movie is 33 from The Haunting in Connecticut and 2 The Ghosts of Georgia.

Because the Midnight Clubepisode is about half the length of an entire feature film, it’s pretty evident that it features many jumps scares. Of course, having a lot of jump scares does not necessarily mean it’s scary. This means the film has lots of essential, jumpy horror, yet it might not have the grit or the horror of a mature film.

The news that Flanagan is not following his usual style and is stepping up his jump scares could cause debate among horror enthusiasts. There has been a long-running debate over what constitutes genuine horror. Many believe that jump scares are a waste of time and less sophisticated horror films depend on creating a genuine feeling of horror in the viewer.

However, the audience must be aware that Flanagan’s preconceived notions about jump scares might indicate that his use of them for the film The Midnight Club will be satirical. In the end, viewers will need to discover just how terrifying the Midnight Club is and if a multitude of jump scares is an absolute horror.

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