Is Happening (2022) Based on a Real Story? Where is it Filmed?

Based on the novel written by Annie Ernaux, ‘Happening‘ (original title”L’evenement”) is a French time-travel film directed by Audrey Diwan. The film was set in 1963. the story revolves around a young college student named Anne, whose dreams of completing her education seem to disappear when she becomes pregnant. With her final exam approaching, Anne decides to go against the law and obtain an abortion.

The dramatic story will be enhanced through the stunning visuals utilized in the film, which are both warm and dark simultaneously. The French movie employs backdrops from various locations, which keeps viewers interested in the locales that are the scene of the story. Additionally, the apparent authenticity of the concept that deals with the controversial subject of abortion leave us wondering whether actual events inspire the story or not. Let us reveal what we’ve learned and get your doubts out!

Does it all have roots in an actual Story?

“Happening” is inspired by a real-life”Happening” is story that has been told. The book on which the screenplay is based is semi-autobiographical, which documents Ernaux’s real-life experience of going through an abortion when she was a student in Rouen. Like the novel, the film emphasizes women’s suffering and the rights they enjoy, specifically regarding abortions in 1960s France.

Beyond its emotional influence, the film reaches the audience emotionally by depicting the struggles that the main character Anne endures. When speaking to Variety in October 2021, IFC Films’ President Arianna Bocco talked about the significance that the drama of the past has on audiences.

Bocco said, “This the perfect combination of cinematic excellence and an era of the social, cultural and global moment that does affect not only American women, but also men’s families, people with children, and those who work in the medical field.”

The depiction of France and its laws on abortion have been accurately depicted in the film, as abortion was not legally legalized in the country until. As you can see in the movie, the young woman who was not ready to have a baby at this point had next to choose from, as anyone who attempted to assist her, whether the doctor or family member, could be sent to prison.

Although the plot takes place in the late 1960s, it was not released at a more appropriate time, particularly in the US, where many conservative states, such as Texas, adopted limited abortion laws that banned abortions at six weeks of pregnancy.

In numerous conversations, Annie Ernaux confessed that she had based her novel on a variety of real-life experiences from her life. It also is a reflection of society simultaneously. But the screenplay isn’t as ripped from the story of the same name; however, most of the plot follows the same arc. Therefore, it is inevitable that “Happening is grounded in real life even though the fictional elements of the movie are a significant aspect that makes the film memorable.

Filming Locations for Happening Films

“Happening” is shot primarily in France, particularly within the department of Charente, Charente-Maritime, Essonne and Hauts-de-Seine. Since the plot takes place in France, The production team used the diverse landscape of the Western European country to add more authenticity to the film. The sources said that the shooting for the drama film started in July 2020, and it appears to have finished at the end of Summer 2020. Let’s look at the locations used as the production locations for the drama film!

Charente, France

The team behind “Happening” have set up the camp in Charente, the department located in the southwestern region of France. Scenes involving Anne’s family cafe were taped in the commune of Saint-Amant-de-Boise, seemingly at a property on 12 Rue Basse. Named in honour of the river named after, Charente comprises the former province of Angoumois and portions of Saintonge. The region’s long history makes it a fascinating location to film a drama set in 1960.

Charente-Maritime, France

The crew and cast members were also taken to the coast department of Charente-Maritime, located on France’s southwestern coastline. It is believed that the team recorded the beach scenes at Le Pont Du Diable. The historical landmark is at 17420 Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, a beautiful commune in Charente-Maritime.

Essonne, France

To shoot the film, the crew also established a camp at the Department of Essonne, situated within the area of Ile-de-France. Many of the film’s critical elements, like scenes set inside the campus and in dorms rooms, were shot in Essonne. Campuses like Universite Paris-Saclay Campus d’Orsay served as the filming location to ensure they were true too. The campus is at 15 Rue Georges Clemenceau in the commune of Orsay.

Hauts-de-Seine, France

For the exterior images of the campus, the cast and crew used the facilities that belong to INSHEA (Institut the national superior formation and recherche handicap and enseignements adapters), a graduate school located in the Hauts-de-Seine department in Northern France. It is a component of Universite Paris Lumieres and is situated at 58-60 Av. des Landes in Suresnes.

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