Is The Empress renewed for Season 2 yet? Here’s what we know

Canceled or Renewed?

The Empress has captured the imagination of audiences and given them a feeling of déjà vu. Like Netflix’s The Crown, the Empress is a period piece almost psychologically twisted. Unlike many other shows, the Empress isn’t so much about the past as historical figures.

The plot revolves around Empress Elisabeth’s marriage to Emperor Franz and their subsequent time together in the palace, navigating royal duties. Her love affair with Franz is also central.

You must have wondered if season 1 was renewed after seeing the finale. Here’s what we know.

Is The Empress renewed for Season 2 yet? Here's what we know

What’s The Empress all about?

In an unexpected twist of events, Elisabeth (Devrim Lingnau) is married to Franz (Philip Froissant), the Emperor of Austria. Although Elisabeth’s sister Helene (Elissa Schulott) was initially supposed to marry the Emperor, at first sight, a chance encounter and love changed everything.

Franz’s matriarch Sophie (Melika Tooutan), is a strict watcher of her son’s political and personal lives. Like Elisabeth’s wild and showy brother Maximilian (Johannes Nussbaum), Maximilian is slow to adjust to the royal excesses and traditions the palace has offered her.

Season 1 is about the reconciliation between the Empress’s free-spirited worldview and the rigid walls of royalty. The background is filled with the bloody plotting of those who rebel against the crown’s ways. The tension stems from an impending war between the Russians and Allied and Imperial forces, forcing the Empire into difficult choices.

Has The Empress been renewed in season 2?

The Empress was not renewed for season 2 when this article was written. Netflix’s system is to wait for original shows to be renewed. It should do so after a few weeks. Although The Empress was initially billed as a short series, the show’s finale and its current trending status in the top 10 for the month suggest it is a top-rated series. Netflix should announce the news soon due to immediate comparisons to The Crown and critical appreciation of season 1.

We couldn’t find any reliable sources that could confirm anything on Netflix. It has been just a week since the show was made available for streaming. Being patient may be the better option. It will likely be renewed for season 2, and if the staff agrees to return, maybe even a few more seasons.

What might happen in Season 2? When could it be released?

Writers have a whole life to choose from regarding the plot. Elisabeth ruled for many years and was involved in many wars. Many historians were drawn to her eccentric personality. We will be watching season 2 to see her shenanigans, such as building a castle in Greece and learning Greek to live on an island. Season 2 is open to all possibilities. It should start at the end of season 1. Elisabeth gained the trust of the public. This is something that the crown could not do for decades.

Season 1 also lacked historical accuracy, so that aspect is preserved. It might not be available until the second half of 2023 if approved. It might prove too complicated to complete the entire production process in such a short time.

This is all we know now, but we will update this page if we have more information about The Empress.

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