Is There A Wednesday Season 2? The Co-Creator Responds

Alfred Gough, series co-creator, discusses the possibility of a Wednesday season 2 renewal before the premiere on Netflix for Addams Family.

Alfred Gough, the show’s co-creator, spoke Wednesday about whether Netflix could renew its Addams Family series. Jenna Ortega plays the title role of the darkly comic family. Miles Millar and Gough will host the show. Netflix will premiere A Wednesday on, November 23.

Wednesday was first announced in October 2020. It is the return of the Addams Family to television screens. This time, it will focus on Ortega’s Wednesday Addams. Wednesday is sent to Nevermore Academy to solve the mystery surrounding the town and her family. She adapts to her new school by balancing her psychic abilities and supernatural terror with the challenges of high school life.

Luis Guzman and Catherine Zeta-Jones join Ortega in bringing this creepy twist to the American 20th-century family to life. While Wednesdayseason 2 has yet to be confirmed, series creators are optimistic about its future.

Gough, also a co-creator of Empire, revealed that he is optimistic about the future of Wednesday. He referred to the upcoming episodes only as a single season. Gough said that he and Millar had discussed what might happen next. He also stated that they were keen to explore the world of The Addams Family. Below is Gough’s response.

Miles and I are having a conversation about it. The world of the Addamses has a lot more to offer.

How Wednesday could lead to more Addams Family Shows

How Wednesday could lead to more Addams Family Shows

Instead of being a new adaptation of Addams Family’s beloved series, Millar and Gough emphasize that the show will be a nod to the franchise’s past by saying that Wednesday doesn’t reinvent but builds upon what was shown in the original TV series and Barry Sonnenfeld’s ’90s movies. The world of Wednesday is already well-developed and could be expanded upon in future seasons or other potential Addams Family shows, depending on its success.

One way Wednesday could expand its world is to focus on the Addams family. This includes uncast characters such as Uncle Fester and Grandmama. Wednesday will also introduce viewers to Nevermore Academy, an institution with a rich history and haven home to supernaturally gifted students. Nevermore Academy is prominently featured in Wednesday’s promotion. A show that focuses on the school could be an exciting way of expanding Wednesday’s universe.

Wednesday is a perfect continuation of The Addams Family. It maintains the series’ tone and core elements and is accessible to new audiences. The Addams Family is a beloved series that has been recognized across generations. Devotees of the macabre family will be happy to know that Wednesday’s creators are excited about continuing the series for several seasons.

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