Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party pays tribute to Maharaja Hari Singh on his birth anniversary

Jammu, September 23: The Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party celebrated Maharaja Hari Singh’s birth anniversary, which falls on September 23, with great zeal and fervour at the Party office, 30-B Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.

While paying tribute to Maharaja Hari Singh, JKNPP President Vilakshan Singh threw light on the reforms taken by the Maharaja during his regime. He said that Maharaja Hari Singh was the first Maharaja in the country to establish a High Court.

He recalled that the Maharaja ensured free and compulsory girl education; widow remarriage; flood control channels; irrigation canals; environmental and forest protection laws; local handicraft promotion; sericulture; protection of small traders; etc. The Maharaja highlighted the justice-oriented approach of the Maharaja during his dispensation. He added that Maharaja Hari Singh was a social reformer who opened the gates of temples for Dalits, made girls’ education free, and introduced the Widow Remarriage and Property Act of 1932.

He said to abolish untouchability, Maharaja Hari Singh allowed the entry of Scheduled Castes into the temples. He stopped the rampant practise of child marriage and promoted widow remarriage. Singh said that the declaration of a holiday on the birth anniversary of the Maharaja is a recognition of the Maharaja’s great vision and reforms.

Singh stated that the holiday on Maharaja’s birthday is a new beginning of Dogra’s resurgence, in addition to being a recognition of his greatness. He said that Dogras have now united, and unity among the Dogras would restore the lost glory of Dogras. The others present are Bansi Lal Sharma, Chief Advisor; Naresh Chib, State General Secretary; Rajesh Gondi, State Secretary; Jagdish Singh, Bandral, State Secretary; Anil Parihar, etc.

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