John Stamos Commemorates Full House 35th Anniversary With New BTS footage

John Stamos shares a previously not seen behind-the-scenes video that features the entire cast to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Full House.

John Stamos celebrates the 35th anniversary of Full House by showing a video with the other cast members that have never been seen before. He was the character Uncle Jesse in the hit family sitcom. The actor was one of the first characters on the ABC show from 1987 until 1995. In 2016, Netflix revived the series with Fuller House, the premier spinoff sequel.

Indeed, Full House wasn’t an instant hit with critics; however, it was enormously popular with viewers. It was known for portraying an average family consisting of three males with three daughters; the story began by revealing an unexpected death. The unexpected death of his wife, Danny, left his closest friend, Joey, and his brother-in-law Jesse to DJ’s mother, Stephanie, and Michelle.

The show depicted the challenges and joys of parenting children; it often focused on the different children’s experiences as they aged and became a hit with many viewers. Thirty-five years on, it’s continuing to be a favorite among new and old viewers, particularly after the release of Netflix’s Fuller House Offshoot.

In honor of Full House‘s anniversary, Stamos shares a brand new behind-the-scene behind-the-scenes clip from when they shot the show’s iconic opening sequence in San Francisco. Although the show was in the Golden Gate City, San Francisco, it was primarily shot in Los Angeles. The opening clip, as well as a single episode, were filmed on-site. In the intro, Stamos thanks everyone on the crew and cast of the show and asks them to provide their thoughts on the day they shot the particular scene. Watch the clip below:

Could a Full House Spinoff Happen?

2022 will be a difficult time in the world of Full House since Danny Tanner actor Bob Saget suddenly passed away earlier in the year. The year meant to be a celebration of the show’s 35th anniversary has now been dedicated to mourning an enormous loss, especially considering how close the cast members remain, even though the series ended many decades ago. In any event, most of them would like to make another Full Housespinoff following Fuller House in the future, even when Saget is no longer with us.

Dave Coulier believes that Saget would like to see them reunited to celebrate his birthday. It’s important to note that there aren’t any current plans to create a sequel. Given the actors’ eagerness to be involved in the show, it’s simple to create it should any streaming or broadcaster offers the cast an opportunity to participate.

In any event, there’s no shortage of stories to tell if it’s the case that Tanners come back to the tiny screen. It’s not a secret that Netflix’s decision to cancel Fuller House was a shock for the cast members since they had been saving certain plotlines for season six. The Second Full House spinoff may focus on the issues, including putting the spotlight on Stephanie and her child, Danielle. Apart from that, it might also bring her Aunt Becky after she has been absent for Fuller House‘s final season because of her involvement in the college admissions scandal. They may be able to persuade Mary-Kate, as well as Ashley Olsen, to return as Michelle.

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