Kanan: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Finale, Explained

“Power Book III: Raising Kanan” is a precursor series to the complete ‘ Power‘ franchise and is centred around Kanan Stark, who, as he grows older, will become an infamous Gang leader and one of the most prominent leaders of the first ‘Power’ series. In season 2, episode 8, as the show moves towards a thrilling final episode of season 2, war is brewing in the distance. In season 2, the enemies are aplenty. Raq, along with the Thomas family, is irritable. In the wake of the murder of the boss’s son, The Italians seek blood. Here’s everything you must learn about the end of “Power Book 3: Raising Kanan, episode 2 of season 2. 8. SPOILERS Ahead.

Recap of Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 8 of Power Book III

The man who killed Camacho is Lou Lou and is now forced to sort out the mess that the other man left in his wake. In the meantime, authorities have discovered the body of the deceased man. After discovering the problematic relationship between Kanan and the woman much older from the Famous Apartment Complex, Raq confronts the woman and threatens her with a gun to not touch her son. This is not a pleasant experience for Kanan, and she doesn’t understand the motivation behind the incident.

Jukebox and Kenya’s relationship has grown over the seasons. Kenya’s presence has brought positive changes to Jukebox’s personal life. But, Kenya is revealed to be a religious fanatic and homophobic in season 2, episode 8, as she has to put her daughter through the process of conversion after discovering that Jukebox loves girls. We’re not sure what changed Jukebox from the kind, innocent teenager that we witness in this episode to the sly and dangerous investigator of ‘Power, and if it’s the kind of betrayal Jukebox is suffering in this episode, it is not surprising that she was a child who hated the world surrounding her.

In the midst of it all, Jukebox’s relationship with her father begins to improve. Jukebox also calls Marvin “dad”, and Marvin confronts Kenya. In another scene, Howard speaks to the captain about Burke’s off-the-record investigation into his shooting. This prompts another man to summon Burke to his office and warn her. Even though she tells the captain that she’ll end her investigation, Burke still approaches Raq to inquire about her SI days with Howard.

While she is there, Scrappy’s mom approaches Kanan and asks Kanan to talk with his mom about investigating the death of her son. She doesn’t believe Scrappy would want to take their life of himself. She is absolutely in the right place about this. She is, however, reaching out to those who took her son’s life in the first place.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan: Is Marvin Dead?

Marvin has always been the most unstable of the three Thomas family members. But since Lou Lou is trying to leave the criminal world behind, he’s effectively become Raq’s second in command. However, that doesn’t mean Raq is now invincible to taking foolish decisions. In the last show, Marvin hires Marco, the son of an Italian crime family from New Jersey, to take off Toni Deep. The mission turns into a tragedy. Marco dies while his companion Dominic is severely injured.

In episode 8, Sal and his crew discover from Dominic that they learned from Dominic about the job Marco worked on during his death. They take Dominic out and set up a meeting with Raq. After the meeting in New York, Raq learns about the events from Unique and then shakes her head in shock at her brother’s stupidity.

During the discussion, Sal asks for Marvin’s head, a request that Raq is adamantly against while reminding Sal that Marvin’s death was due to his errors. Sall insists that he could pursue Kanan, a justification in his book, but he claims that he would like things to be fair by requesting Marvin’s execution. But, Raq still refuses him even though she is aware of the hidden threat made against her son.

As you can imagine, The Italians tend to go after Marvin. The former confronts Renee, the teacher from the anger management classes and invites her to go out. Then, two men emerge from the shadows and shoot at them. The show ends without revealing the possibility that Marvin has survived or not. Because of the abrupt end of the scene, it is most likely alive, but the likelihood of his friend’s survival is virtually nonexistent. Raq will have no option other than to wage war with the Italians if he survives. Suppose she doesn’t risk losing her empire.

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