Someone has listed all the kinks of the Overwatch 2 heroes, and it’s probably horribly accurate

Have you ever wondered who the Overwatch 2 heroes are into feet? How about being praised or degraded? You won’t be disappointed.

Since the launch of Overwatch 2, we’ve spent a lot of time working on it. The guide’s team has spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best Overwatch 2 heroes. We’ve also been thinking about how the game deals with loot boxes.

With more than 25 million players, we know one thing about Overwatch 2: People are horny. People are horny for this series as they have always been, and the launch is making them lick their lips again and secretly open an incognito web browser after finishing a stressful Escort game.

We know what we are into. You might be able to slam ‘collared twink’ as muscle memory. Have you ever thought about what Overwatch 2’s cast might look for when they open dating apps to search for potential matches or prepare for some alone time?

Wonder no more. A Twitter artist named Darkmode Proxy created a tier list of all available heroes. It also considers what each one might do when they need some relief.

It’s easy to see that a lot of the information makes sense. Torbjorn likely made mechs to ‘take over his bedroom. He’d keep on being left out. Solider 76 is 100%, and 100% of his underwear is costly. Junker Queen makes people do acts of vulgar carnality while she watches from her throne. Sigma is a good sport and loves to get his feet on people’s feet. It’s evident by the gritted expression on his face.

What about furries? It’s evident that no one uses fox gear and has a tail that doesn’t clip to their belts. Kiriko, isn’t this right?

Video game porn is a well-known fact. The picture in this article is an official graph by Pornhub Insights that illustrates how many people are looking for pornographic content from some of the most loved franchises.

Overwatch has been a target of horny cosplay fans and artists for years – you could not move on to the adult sections of the internet without a Tracer or Widowmaker, Ashe, or Cassidy stopping by to say hello. Solider 76 is now a well-known gay icon since Blizzard made it clear that he was a member of the LGBTQ+ family.

We embed the tier list here because it is silly and fun. But it also points to something more about Overwatch: a game that brings people together. Overwatch 2 reminds you that you can be the character you choose online, whether Tracer and Solider76 are flying the flag for queers around the globe or Sigma with his foot thing.

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