Know anything about Uzbekistan?

Written By: Abdulloh Abdumominov [Republic of Uzbekistan]
Written By: Abdulloh Abdumominov [Republic of Uzbekistan]

The Syr Darya and Amu Darya meet in this state, which has a population of 36 million people. The Khorezm region and a portion of Karakalpakstan are situated on the left side of the Amu Darya, while Tashkent and the Namangan region are the only regions on the Syr Darya’s right bank.

The natural environments in Uzbekistan are diverse because of the country’s condition and complicated topography. The Tien Shan, Alai, Turkestan, Zarafshan, and Hissar mountains cover the eastern and southeastern portions of the republic. Glaciers, which are continuously accumulating snow, cover the mountain peaks. As we travelled to the west and northwest of our republic, enormous mountains erupted, transforming the plains of the slopes into lovely valleys.

The dry deserts and lifeless sands gradually begin as the valleys come to an end. The Uzbek people, the republic’s native population, have a very rich history and culture dating back hundreds of years. Several hundred millennia ago, the modern nation of Uzbekistan was known as Turan, Transoxiana, and finally Turkestan. States like Khorezm, Bactria, Sugdea, and Margiana existed at the time, as well as the birthplaces of world-renowned scientists like Ahmad Ferghani, Muhammad Khorezmi, Abu Nasr Farabi, Abu Rayhan Beruni, and Abu Ali ibn Sina. Uzbekistan’s land is abundant in a variety of minerals.

Tashkent is the capital of the Uzbek Republic. This city is currently undergoing significant development, with the construction of substantial buildings and structures.

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Samarkand with a history spanning more than 2,700 years, is one of the oldest cities on earth. The Sogdian state’s capital was Samarkand from the IVth century BC to the VIth century AD. The Samarkand fortress’ perimeter wall measured approximately 10.5 kilometres, according to the Roman historian Quintus Curtius Rufus, who lived in the late I sth century BC and the first century AD. Visit this location, which is regarded as the pearl of the East, without a doubt!

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Bukhara. One of the country’s oldest cities, and the political, social, and cultural hub of the Bukhara region. One of the main commercial hubs along the Great Silk Road was there. It is situated in the lower reaches of the Zarafshan River in the southwest of the country of Uzbekistan.

Khorezm. The current tourism epicentre is Khiva. because a great deal of work has gone into this. In addition to agriculture, industry plays a significant role in the Khorezm region’s economy. Exports include cotton fibre, yarn, carpets, food, and machinery.

Abdullah here from Uzbekistan

I am Abdullah Abdumominov, and I was born and raised in a sizable family in Uzbekistan. In eighth grade, I’m studying, and I find it interesting. Playing is enjoyable with the other students. I occasionally assist my classmates with difficult assignments. I had the good fortune to rise to the position of organization head for young people in Uzbekistan in 2022.

In the Tashkent neighbourhood of Shaikhantakhur, I was made captain of the Kamalak. This boosted my self-confidence because it demonstrated to others that they could rely on me to support them. I have accomplished a lot in my career, aced many exams, resumed my previously put-on-hold creative work, and now I am striding confidently into the future. I’ve had about 50 newspapers and magazines publish my articles, short stories, and fairy tales so far.

I will work until I am satisfied with my accomplishments, which may surprise my peers. I participated in a lot of competitions, including those held in Kazakhstan by the World Talent Association, and I won honorary degrees because I wanted to be a leader in every way. In order to internationalize our media, I want to study them. I am aware that each task has its own challenges, just as each job has its own responsibilities.

I have no doubt that this project will soon be widely adopted. Bullying is widespread in schools and online communications, and it affects lots of kids. I don’t understand this at all. Libraries and information centres are currently emerging in towns and cities. Uzbek translators expertly translate foreign literature, and our nation’s publishing houses regularly release a large number of books. As for me, I read and adore books and have a great appreciation for them. By reading books, you can navigate the future.

I’m surprised by your wise words. I like the adage “If you respect, you will be respected” the most. Despite the rarity of this saying, you can correctly interpret its meaning. Respect is becoming less valuable among young people today. So, if you want respect, avoid being haughty. I make it a point to avoid being haughty. “Never be afraid to write” is a motto I live by in my journalism. He encourages my creativity and new writing.

How do young people in Uzbekistan spend their winter vacations?

Uzbekistan’s winter vacation will run from December 28 to January 11. All young people will undoubtedly celebrate the New Year during this time with a positive attitude. The youth of Uzbekistan make the most of every opportunity rather than wasting it.

They are involved in social activities, sports, and science. I spoke with peers’ friends as I was writing this piece. They told me they were buying books to read on vacation during our conversation. I was overjoyed by it. Therefore, this trip will be very beneficial for us as well.

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