Korea has rated Silent Hill The Short Message

Silent Hill: The first time it was discovered in the hands of Gematsu, It is believed that the Silent Hill title — Silent Hill: The Short Message has been assessed within Korea. Konami hasn’t yet confirmed the game, and neither are the platforms being announced for the game.

The score has come out unintentionally, considering that many of the latest leaks were thought to be connected to the sequel to Silent Hill 2 or the possibility of a teaser that could be played for a mainline instalment.

Korea has rated Silent Hill The Short Message

The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea are where Gematsu discovered the information on the rating; it also has the publisher of Silent Hill: The Short Message identified as UNIANA.

Take a glance at the record of UNIANA, and you’ll discover that it’s among the biggest arcade game makers in Korea. It’s not all the publisher does, however, as it has a history of developing different arcade, fighting and MMORPG games. Furthermore, UNIANA often publishes Konami’s arcade games and console games too.

It is highly unlikely to have a Silent Hill MMO released for PC anytime soon, considering we know exactly how it could go down… However, this could mean that something Silent Hill might be coming soon.

There are already theories in Gematsu’s remarks that it’s an unintentionally less crowded Silent Hill title, possibly an interactive teaser or mobile game rather than an actual mainline game. It’s true with the title “The Short Message,” it’s not hard to believe. But only time will reveal the truth about what Silent Hill the Brief Message truly will be. We’d like it!

If you’re among the millions of Silent Hill fans waiting for an atmosphere-enhancing fix, glance at Codeless Games, the attempt to remake Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 5.

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