Litmus Raises $30M in Series B Funding

Litmus Raises $30M in Series B Funding: Litmus, a San Jose, CA-based provider of an Industrial Edge Data Platform, received $30M in Series B financing.

This round of funding, which increases the Litmus funding to $42.6M, was directed by Belden.

The company plans to use the funds to expand the marketing and sales functions and customer assistance and to expand service deployment to enterprise customers through various channels to market.

The company’s CEO is Vatsal Shah. Litmus can be described as an Industrial Edge Data Platform that combines data connectivity, device connectivity and data integration to provide an all-inclusive Industrial 4.0 solution. With instant connection with many OT devices, Litmus Edge connects to the latest and older systems to integrate OT data and present the complete picture of data across the entire enterprise. Manufacturers use this data to support applications ranging from condition monitoring to AI to boost efficiency, improve performance and boost profits.

Litmus technology is utilized in Google Cloud, Dell Technologies, HPE, Hitachi, Mitsubishi and many other Fortune 500 companies.

The company is now expanding its reach to EMEA and APAC and bolstering OEM relationships to offer customers the complete IIoT Edge Platform that integrates data collection, data analytics, data integration and application enablement.

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