Look At: Bad Prosecutor Season 1 Preview Release Date The Time, Where and When To Watch

Bad Prosecutor Episode 1

Jin Jung is a troublemaking prosecutor at the Central District Office. With a healthy dose of madness and justice, He punishes criminals far greater than they deserve.

In the office with him is A-Ra, Jung’s co-worker. She’s a skilled prosecutor who fairly judges cases and professionally handles these cases.

Another character, Do-Hwan, believes power and money are the most important things and will take any step necessary to climb higher. In a world saturated with evil and wealth, the three characters are in a collision with chaos! What happens when they come into contact?

If you’ve been watching this drama, you might be interested to know the date for the next episode scheduled to air. Don’t worry about it!

Here’s everything you must be aware of regarding Bad Prosecutor Episode 1: its release date, date of release, and where to stream this.

Where can I watch Criminal Prosecutors Who Aren’t Working?

Bad Prosecutor is streaming on Viki in addition to Viu and KOCOWA in select regions. For Koreans, however, Bad Prosecutor is currently airing on KBS2 and will air from 9.50 pm (KST).

Good Prosecutor 1 Episode Release Date

Good Prosecutor episode 1 will air on Wednesday, October 5th, at around 4 pm (GMT) or 11 pm (ET). The team behind the subtitles at Viki could be a bit slow when the entire episode has been completely translated. However, you can expect subtitles to be much more detailed. For Viu and KOCOWA, Expect fewer delays.

Be aware that this show is being shown a day after on Viki. If it’s not playing in the time frame listed above, it could be worth re-watching within 24 hours. The episode will usually be completely transubbed.

Episode 1 is expected to be around 1 hour and four minutes long. This is in line with the length of time for the rest of the series.

How many episodes will Bad Prosecutor be on?

Bad Prosecutor is a 12-episode K-drama with two episodes released each week. In that light, we’ve got another 11 episodes after this one.

Does There Exist A Film Trailer for a Bad Prosecutor?

It is! The trailer from Bad Prosecutor Season 1 is below:

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