Look At: Batgirl was Raised to Be Batman’s Worst Enemy

Batgirl initially intended to be an unbeatable assassin, but she found her way to Bat-Family to become a hero.

Batman attracted many vigilantes to his cause, but the greatest fighter to his side was initially meant to defeat him – Cassandra Cain, Batgirl. Cassandra, one of the most skilled fighters on Earth, is a great thing. But what if she didn’t?

Cassandra Cain, a hand-to-hand fighter who can defeat Lady Shiva and Batman, is the best on the planet. Cassandra’s power comes from her father, David Cain, a legend assassin, who taught her how to read and respond to body language. Cassandra was able to use her unique skills and the killer instincts of her father to become the most fearsome member of the Bat Family.

Batgirl #67 by Ale Garza and Andersen Gabrych reveals the truth about Cassandra’s backstory. She was initially created by David Cain and the League of Shadows to make the ultimate warrior, who would serve Ra’s al Ghul as his bodyguard. Cain initially tried to train a new League of Shadows for Ra’s. But when that failed, he switched tactics and had the entire League train and raise one child. That child was Cassandra Cain or, as Ra’s called her, “The One who is All.” Although he said it would require the whole League of Shadows to defeat Shiva, Cassie managed it.

The Origin of Batgirl was to make her a villain

Cassandra Cain ran away from her father after realizing the dangers of murdering young. But David would have taken excellent care of her morality and worked more consistently to keep her in his grip. Ra’s al Ghul would have had her as his henchwoman. He is a villain who has been close to defeating Batman numerous times. This would have likely resulted in a catastrophic loss for Batman. However, it could have made his life more difficult as Ra might not have believed in Talia or her son Damian. Why create an ultimate heir when you already possess one?

Despite all the dark events in her past, Cassandra Cain managed to escape her father and find a new home where she could do good under Batman’s guidance. Batman has been criticized for recruiting young warriors into the war on crime. However, in Batgirl, the Dark Knight could enlist the person who should be his most dangerous enemy as his essential ally.

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